Pregnant Teen Fucks A Huge Black Dick

Pregnant young woman getting pussy slammed by her first black cock.

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misogynist00 +4 points7 days ago

Woman are curvy sex objects and they don't deserve respect. Imagine doing this kind of a thing as a pregnant mother. Women are useful until their man ejaculates. Reply Report

Slutxxx   0 points5 days ago

@misogynist00 yes. My husband uses me for sex & breeding. Im for his pleasure Reply Report

Acester -3 points11 days ago

I'm gonna show this to my wife so she know my 6" dick is actually "HUGE!" Reply Report
NIGGERS give you aids

NIGGERS give you aids -3 points10 days ago

@Acester Reply Report
Where was his dick described as "huge"?

Where was his dick described as "huge"? -2 points11 days ago

@Acester Reply Report

Really +2 points6 days ago

@Where was his dick described as "huge"? In the title. Reply Report

Roger65 -2 points11 days ago

@Acester, hes at least 7 or 8. Definitely not a 6. Hes quite thick as well. Stretches her out good. Reply Report
Chauvin not guilty

Chauvin not guilty -3 points9 days ago

@Roger65 George Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death and had positive test for Coronavirus Reply Report

Drfix -2 points7 days ago

@Chauvin not guilty , Chauvin murdered floyd because all the women in his life yearned BBC. And his tiny limp noodle wasn't cutting it. Jealously is the root cause of racism. Everyone knows white racists join the force cause it gives them a pass to murder. Everyone knows that. Even your mom who loves BBC. Reply Report