Nasty Cum Taste

After blowing his dick, dirty girl could not stand the taste of his large cum ejaculation.

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MontanaMan +8 points51 days ago

A woman will never be able to keep her man until she learns to willingly & wantonly suck his cock, let him cum on her face, in her mouth, AND SWALLOW, all with a smile & a 'Thank you sir'. Reply Report

Mulligan +6 points54 days ago

Don't see why the bitch thinks she has a fuckin choice about eating his cum Reply Report

Larry +5 points54 days ago

I wonder what is wrong with him. My cum tastes really good. Reply Report
Sam Bob Pete

Sam Bob Pete +5 points53 days ago

@Larry Alright you son of a bitch you listen and you listen good. This probably isn't her fault. I bet that mother fucker ate a blooming onion last . Reply Report
Larry Tate

Larry Tate +4 points54 days ago

Time to dump the whore Reply Report
Sam Bob Pete

Sam Bob Pete +6 points49 days ago

@Larry Tate Alright you son of a bitch you listen and you listen good. Maybe he just needs to eat some pineapple. Reply Report

Gracie796 +6 points51 days ago

@Larry Tate Some girls just need a bit of help is all. She's shown she's willing to try so a little training and experience and she'll be well on the way to being a hot little cum dump. Reply Report
Kathy M

Kathy M +2 points50 days ago

@Gracie796 I was not fond of the taste my first time but after that all was well a n d good. Reply Report

Gracie796 +1 points45 days ago

@Kathy M Glad you can appreciate cum now after a rough start. It is worth persisting isn't it? Reply Report

Herbzzman +3 points53 days ago

Don't give a fuck how much she didn't like it, I'd have STILL got her to lick the tip clean when I'd done spurting! Lol then wiped it on her face!! ;-)) Reply Report
Postman prat

Postman prat +2 points54 days ago

What a turn off Reply Report

balalaikamaneater +3 points49 days ago

@Postman prat retard, maybe eat something other than beef jerky and cool ranch doritos you stupid nigger Reply Report

CollegeFuckMeat +1 points53 days ago

What a waste. Just swallow and maybe hell cum in her pussy next Reply Report
Fuck you filthy cunt

Fuck you filthy cunt   0 points53 days ago

Reminds me of my shitbag ex Lithuanian wife Violetta. She thought blow jobs were degrading. Fuck you filthy cunt Reply Report
peter peter

peter peter +1 points46 days ago

@Fuck you filthy cunt - then why did you marry her, dumbass? Reply Report
Emilio Juanhosey

Emilio Juanhosey +2 points50 days ago

@Fuck you filthy cunt She's sucking my dick right now bitch Reply Report
Marceline Boyd

Marceline Boyd   0 points46 days ago

How difficult is it for men to eat some fruit though. Pathetic losers. Reply Report
Evangelical Christians for DJT

Evangelical Christians for DJT -1 points54 days ago

Maybe she would prefer the taste of his feces. Reply Report
Real man Paul

Real man Paul -2 points53 days ago

Sod going out with that Reply Report

16+   0 points53 days ago

@Real man Paul I don't know, she just needs training to be a proper gf and cum slut. Reply Report
Poop Swapper

Poop Swapper -2 points50 days ago

The wife and I decided that a funnel was the best way to get her shit in my butt and then the funnel helps me shit my shit and her shit into her butt so we can cum and then cuddle Reply Report
Professor Barney Mole

Professor Barney Mole -2 points50 days ago

@Poop Swapper The scientific term is called shuddle. It refers to partners who shit swap then cuddle. Reply Report
Victor 456

Victor 456   0 points50 days ago

@Professor Barney Mole Yes I ask my wife hey honey do you want to shuddle tonight? Or I'll tell my buddies at work the next day that the wife and I had a great time shuddling last night Reply Report

Mikey133 -3 points54 days ago

I'll bet her pussy smells like a Chinese fish market on a hot summer day Reply Report

killallwhitefolks -8 points52 days ago

ugly whites Reply Report

B   0 points49 days ago

@killallwhitefolks Reply Report
A fucking honkey

A fucking honkey +4 points51 days ago

@killallwhitefolks I love to fuck black girls. Reply Report