Swallow Sunday

Petite Japanese cum slut with ponytail visits glory hole for some white cocks to suck.

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Bosun +4 points56 days ago

And on the seventh day God created the glory hole and He sent Eve unto his creation, and when he passed his mighty phallus through the hole that Eve may suckle upon it and bring forth a mighty torrent of heavenly sperm he saw that his creation was good. And in the afternoon He did rest. Reply Report

Dirt.   0 points58 days ago

Would like a deep open mouth kiss from her. Reply Report

Jimmycamper -6 points59 days ago

I went with my 33yo girlfriend and her 19yo daughter to a local gloryhole recently and watched as my girlfriend sucked on 22 cocks, black and white, and swallowed the cum. I was able to suck on 4 cocks as my girlfriend took a break and rested her jaw muscles for a while. I didnt get to see her, but the daughter told us that she had sucked and swallowed 24 and backed up to the gloryhole and had 6 cocks put their load deep in her belly. The girls love going to the gloryhole every week and I will occasionally go with them, but dont always get to suck on a cock, which is okay because the girls love sucking and swallowing and only let me suck while they rest. I dont enjoy sucking as much as I enjoy getting sucked. Reply Report

Krista -6 points58 days ago

Last night I went to the theater and sucked this guy to the edge of cumming and bit into his balls very hard. I got carried away because his cum was already shooting out. I feel bad about it because when I got done 1 of his testicles was deformed. My boyfriend works security had to call an ambulance for him. But to be honest I've masturbated 4 times today thinking about it. I'm getting worked up now. He started screaming you fucking bitch and beating on the walls so my boyfriend threw him out and called ems for him. Reply Report

Bittenballs +3 points52 days ago

@Krista I'm getting bored of your shit so I really want to ignite a flare and shove it up your twat to see if it improves your disposition. Reply Report

Krista -2 points52 days ago

@Bittenballs You must be 1 of my victims. I would love to hear about your experience. Reply Report

Bittenballs +2 points51 days ago

@Krista I doubt I've met you unless you dragged your sorry ass across the Atlantic and did a European tour. You'd remember me anyway, I don't mind my sexual partners inflicting pain on me but they soon realise I'll do a hell of a lot more damage to them and believe me your boyfriend wouldn't have been able to save you. I think in your case I might have started with a pair of pliers and your teeth but that really would just be the start. Reply Report

Krista   0 points44 days ago

@Bittenballs OH I see I made you angry. I'm so wet now. Reply Report
Ohio Deviant

Ohio Deviant -2 points57 days ago

@Krista so hot, me next! Reply Report

Krista   0 points57 days ago

@Ohio Deviant You should take a trip to San Antonio and visit the adult theater there. If you're lucky I'll bite bite your testicles in half. I've ruined so many sex lives I've lost count. Reply Report
I want my testicles nailed together

I want my testicles nailed together -2 points53 days ago

@Krista Have you ever wanted to drive wood screws through a man's testicles and into the seat of a unicycle so he can ride off into the sunset cumming like hell? Reply Report