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Glory hole is where to get it!

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Free Candy Van

Free Candy Van +2 points89 days ago

Anyone know where a glory hole at in Cincinnati? Reply Report

Uc   0 points88 days ago

@Free Candy Van Reply Report

Uc   0 points88 days ago

@Uc I'd like to know too Reply Report

hemapero1976   0 points20 days ago

Bad ladies for sex ----> Reply Report

Emilyga6ly   0 points17 days ago

ga6ly Reply Report

oyTLrUPe   0 points73 days ago <---- for non 0rdlnary sex --- 3675 Reply Report
Icewear Vezzo & Lil Durk

Icewear Vezzo & Lil Durk -2 points91 days ago

Turn the beat up a lil' bit, hmm Phew, hmm This ho actin' like she wanna fuck and got rich, I'm like, "Fuck it" If it's fuck you, I'm like, "Fuck him," I hop out with oven Fuck it, might all my ice on when I'm out in public Fuck around and take a nigga bitch and fly her out the country Hold on, run that shit back real quick Nah, fuck it, keep it goin', keep it goin', keep it goin' Phew, hmm Yeah, go Smurk, Man, what? Fuck him, even though I love him, I put somethin' into his funeral (Damn) You ain't even kill him for real, bro, how you tryna get turnt up off a rumor? (How you tryna get turnt up off a rumor?) Yeah, he run fast as hell, just imagine a Hellcat chasin' a boomer (Imagine a Hellcat chasin' a boomer) Man, I know you niggas bitches, say it to me, but don't say it to Boona (Go, go) See, this death a celebration, you know I know th right way just to do him (Go) Reply Report
yo momma

yo momma -3 points91 days ago

fuck you then Reply Report

Krista -6 points90 days ago

I like to unexpectedly bite dicks at the glory hole at the sex shop I hang out at. I'm friends with security there so they protect me for a laugh. It's really funny when their nuts come through the hole. They'll start yelling in pain and punching the walls and stuff. Didn't mean to take it too far but I think I bit through some dudes testicle the other day. He moved and I accidentally got the thick part of his ball and I felt my teeth meet. It left a strange taste in my mouth. Reply Report

713-539-5183 +1 points88 days ago

@Krista -Todd Slaughter hmu Reply Report