Fucking For The First Time

She invited them back the next day!

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Pussy Licker 4000

Pussy Licker 4000 +3 points91 days ago

I'd like to give her constant oral sex for the next few years. Reply Report

DrBob -17 points91 days ago

@Pussy Licker 4000 black pussy tends to smell a little off...dont get me wrong, I like like black pussy and ass every now and then, but it does not always smell fresh Reply Report

Waldo -9 points91 days ago

@Pussy Licker 4000 First you should try moving out of your mom's basement. Can't get pussy like that. Reply Report

Sketchy +3 points91 days ago

@Waldo what would an incel like you know about pussy? Reply Report
Honest Jack

Honest Jack +3 points90 days ago

I jacked off and came a whole lot Reply Report

degewattprin1979 +1 points16 days ago

H0l@ 4k me here ----> slut-real.lat Reply Report

Usman +1 points89 days ago

Fella looks like Usain Bolt Reply Report

Emilyemojj   0 points17 days ago

emojj strip.homes Reply Report

Pettite_muffin   0 points33 days ago

Have you ever tried cybersex? My Skype Petite22 Reply Report

fRkmyUlH   0 points73 days ago

sluts.bar <---- for non 0rdlnary sex --- 47882 Reply Report

Sketchy -1 points91 days ago

If this is her first time then I'm a god damned ballerina..... Reply Report

Really +3 points90 days ago

@Sketchy When's your next performance? I'm sure we'd all like to see you dance. Reply Report
Icewear Vezzo & Lil Durk

Icewear Vezzo & Lil Durk -3 points90 days ago

Man, that shit was devastatin', I dropped my cup in front of the lawyr Think he playin', he gon' cut his band, he fly out with a warrant Can you pass this message to him for me? This ain't what he want How you miss out what I did her for real? You bring up what I don't (Go, go) You know Jam be serious as hell, that's why I don't be playin' with him on the phone If I say it one time, you know they ass on go, I'm the one Even though I ain't vote, I still got a secret passage in the trunk (Let's get it) My lil' manic ass be fuckin', I keep a mattress in the trunk And he know I ain't gon' do it for real, but I ask him what he want (Go, go, go) Reply Report