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payrentpimyxm1986 +1 points15 days ago

Hot baby for dating ---> Reply Report

Emilymqqdn   0 points16 days ago

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Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell -1 points95 days ago

I would love her to take a nice big steamy dump on my face Reply Report
George Santos

George Santos -2 points94 days ago

@Mitch McConnell I would be happy if she blew smelly farts into my mouth and gave me a dirty sanchez Reply Report

#RealAOC -2 points95 days ago

@Mitch McConnell I'd like to have my mouth attached to her butthole when she shows me that brown is a color in the rainbow and shits right in my mouth Reply Report

#RealDemocrat +3 points94 days ago

@#RealAOC Can you fuck my fat tight pussy? I'm forbidden fruit also.. I'm engaged. I'd love to feel a cock inside me right now Reply Report

#RealAOC +2 points91 days ago

@#RealDemocrat I have a vagina but I'll do my best Reply Report
Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer -2 points95 days ago

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KYS +4 points95 days ago

@Chuck Schumer What a faggot! Reply Report