Doggy Fucking McDonald's Employee

Guy was taking a piss at Mcdonads and sexy worker walks in begging for dick.

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Washington redskins

Washington redskins +3 points61 days ago

Tits and cock on one body Reply Report

@reynaldswrap247 +3 points58 days ago

That's the philosophy of some people. They want their Cake and eat it too. Don't present yourself in a way that you don't want to attract. If you're a open house. Expect people to come in and take a look. Don't want lookers and buyers. Don't advertise what you selling. Period. Reply Report
Jim and Patricia

Jim and Patricia   0 points61 days ago

They have pretty genitalia Reply Report

9.5InchShclong -2 points59 days ago

@Jim and Patricia When I worked at my local chicken restaurant I had sex with my coworker, my boss, and my both my supervisors. I also fucked a fat native woman who came into the toilet one time and said she wanted to fuck me after she shit. Reply Report
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×Comment flagged as spam. +2 points57 days ago

@9.5InchShclong Reply Report
Dookie hole fucker

Dookie hole fucker -4 points59 days ago

@9.5InchShclong I like it when girls need to shit during anal and you just keep fucking her asshole until her guts become impacted until the laxatives kick in and turns into a war between her asshole and my dick and her butthole starts desperately pushing the dookie around my cock trying to find a way out. Reply Report
The world\'s smallest violin is played a total of

The world\'s smallest violin is played a total of +4 points61 days ago

@Jim and Patricia The world's smallest violin is played a total of three times in the episode. Mr. Krabs first plays it after hearing Squidward's story on how he must beat Squilliam.The violin is played a second time after Mr. Krabs hears Squilliam telling Squidward that he was a cashier too.The violin is played one last time right at the end of the episode when Mr. Krabs appears by a saddened Squidward. The latter replies by saying, "Would you get out of here?!" Reply Report
Bill Cosby \'\'the rapper of white sluts\'\'.r

Bill Cosby \'\'the rapper of white sluts\'\'.r -4 points60 days ago

@The world\'s smallest violin is played a total of To the WORLDS smallest crack= Mines big and black an l'll jam it up yo crack !!!!!!1 Reply Report

BadBoyRuss57 -1 points60 days ago

That's so freaking hot Reply Report

BadBoyRuss57 -1 points60 days ago

So freaking hot Reply Report

Lolo101010 -1 points54 days ago

Anyone knows who she is? Or there any more of her? Reply Report
Bizarre looking cunt

Bizarre looking cunt -3 points55 days ago

Bizarre looking cunt. Reply Report

Youngbreeder -4 points50 days ago

As im very close to turning 18 irl im down to get older women pregnant with my very healthy sperm Reply Report
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@Youngbreeder Reply Report
use me Daddy

use me Daddy -6 points60 days ago

If anyone wants to use me up like this (meeting irl and all) I am a 27f, very attractive blonde- send me a text at 9252094741 Reply Report