Jerking Massive Clitoris

I experience my large clitoris as a wonderful gift from my genes! I enjoy it to the fullest. I made this video at the office, wonderful interruption.

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Jackson County, Mississippi

Jackson County, Mississippi +4 points67 days ago

I have been masturbating a lot more than usual lately. I use my hand and do a lot of intense stimulation on my bare clit. It feels amazing. This weekend I masturbated a ton, and now it feels like my clitoris is worn out or something. I just tried to masturbate my usual way and it isnt working for me (it doesnt feel good, though its not painful). It freaked me out. Did I cause any sort of harm to my clit? Should I stop masturbating this way? Reply Report

FireCr0tch +2 points64 days ago

@Jackson County, Mississippi Never did I think I would see another Mississippian on Heavy-R. Reply Report

Explorer-forgot-passwrd +1 points65 days ago

@Jackson County, Mississippi My advice would be to just take a pause. Your description makes me think of how I feel when I've had a lot of sex (or have masturbated a lot) for a period. Just take it easy; as long as you aren't in pain the way that the other replier describes, I don't think there is any cause for concern.Again, your body is just reacting naturally to having been doing a lot of sexual activity......Best of luck ahead.PS. What I have written here is the same for trans-people and cis-people alike. There's no difference in that regard. Reply Report
Doctor Klitoris

Doctor Klitoris +1 points66 days ago

@Jackson County, Mississippi Clitoris pain (or clitorodynia) is when your clitoris burns, stings or throbs because of injury, infection or damage to the area. Most causes of a painful clitoris are highly treatable with medication, physical therapy or lifestyle changes. Certain activities like wearing tight clothing, peeing and showering may make your pain worse. Exercising, walking or sticking a large dildo up your ass may become difficult. Many people with clitorodynia avoid BBC and experience issues with anal beads. Reply Report
Doc Dildo

Doc Dildo   0 points67 days ago

@Jackson County, Mississippi Yes you should switch to masturbating with a corn cob up your ass. Reply Report
I have a good idea

I have a good idea +2 points68 days ago

You guys ever thought about how funny a death metal version of what what in the butt would be? Reply Report

Fursona   0 points68 days ago

@I have a good idea Death metal is old fashioned music for uncool old people Reply Report

luv2eatpvssy +1 points68 days ago

Beautiful. You are blessed. If you were my woman, I would be sucking on that all day. First thing in the morning, you will wake-up to soft, moist lips and tongue wrapped around that beauty. Reply Report
The Sex Lives of Giant Pandas

The Sex Lives of Giant Pandas +1 points44 days ago

Giant pandas are solitary bears that live in rather fixed home ranges. They generally come together only during the mating season, which occurs between mid-February and mid-May. Most females go into estrus mid-March through mid-AprilThe China natives communicate with one another through vocalizations and scent markings, and these behaviors ramp up about two weeks prior to females entering estrus. At this time, females will go to the outskirts of their ranges and rub their anal area on trees and rocks to deposit smelly secretions from their anogenital glands.Males home in on females' auditory and olfactory cues, and three to four of them will congregate on a single female. However, females ovulate and are receptive to mating only a few days a year. They have just this one day that is the best and they have a day or two on either side. Reply Report

nepenthe   0 points68 days ago

God I would love to be fucked with that, so jealous Reply Report
D horne

D horne   0 points68 days ago

Id give you my nuts just to let me put my lips on that beautiful clit. You are so lucky. Ive always wanted a lady like you to go down on. Nothing in life is better than eating pussy Reply Report
Mr Roadkill

Mr Roadkill   0 points61 days ago

I would love to suck on that till she cums hard Reply Report

Transguy_sub -1 points68 days ago

I wish I could jerk like that at work! Reply Report

Juan -2 points68 days ago

MO what does the fox say Reply Report
The world\'s smallest violin is played a total of

The world\'s smallest violin is played a total of -1 points66 days ago

@Juan The world's smallest violin is played a total of three times in the episode. Mr. Krabs first plays it after hearing Squidward's story on how he must beat Squilliam.The violin is played a second time after Mr. Krabs hears Squilliam telling Squidward that he was a cashier too.The violin is played one last time right at the end of the episode when Mr. Krabs appears by a saddened Squidward. The latter replies by saying, "Would you get out of here? Reply Report
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby -3 points68 days ago

@Juan She say Juan no leave yer backdoor open for long. Wipe da bung-hole clean before ze priest pops a boner!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report