I Fucked My Best Friends Busty GF

Now these are some fucking titties! I mean how perfect do they look? She's my best friend's chick and she is just drop dead gorgeous. Usually, when you see a girl with natural titties this big I would consider her a BBW or they’re always just really big. But he has a nice fit body and I would say she is thick but man I love every curve that she has!

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Not a liar

Not a liar   0 points269 days ago

Amadani Reply Report
Holden Anderson

Holden Anderson -2 points269 days ago

Can I get an invite? Reply Report
joe biden

joe biden   0 points267 days ago

@Holden Anderson I can invite you to suck my balls and rim my ass Reply Report

Amadani -5 points266 days ago

You can find this video on pornhub why you lying you aint never fucked a chick like this in your life hahaha Reply Report

Larry -6 points270 days ago

Last Saturday night I met a nice girl at The Voodoo bar. We really hit it off and then after a bunch of drinks I drove us back to my place. Long story short we had sex. During the sex she whispered in my ear "you can have my asshole if you want". So I pulled my cock out of her and let it slide into her ass. About 5 minutes into it the drinks hit me. I told her that I needed to go to the bathroom but I don't think she heard me because she wrapped her legs around me. I couldn't hold it and accidentally peed in her asshole. When I did she said "OMG really!". Then she let out this deep throaty moan and yelled "pull it out". When I did her asshole exploded. She moaned deeply and shit all over the place. She ran to the bathroom. 20 minutes later she came out and called me a sick fuck and left. I never thought I would hear from her again but Wednesday she called and ask if she could come over. Later that night she wanted to have sex. This lead to anal because that's her fetish. During that she whispered in my ear "pee in me again". Turns out she had an orgasm that she didn't know existed and had been laying awake at night thinking about it. You have to time it right. Reply Report
This world is doomed

This world is doomed -2 points265 days ago

@Larry awesome story . Even if it may be not real . Thanks . I am sure that this happened before . Doesn't matter if it's you or someone else . Don't mind those girlfriend less introverts . They're just bored . Reply Report
Stfu Larry

Stfu Larry +3 points267 days ago

@Larry for real fuckin Larry. Shut your dumb ass faggot mouth. Reply Report
just stfu already

just stfu already +3 points269 days ago

@Larry nobody cares Reply Report
Amber Heard

Amber Heard -9 points267 days ago

Id like to poop in her bed Reply Report