Sexy Teen Swallowing Oral Creampie

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XD. +2 points70 days ago

The first time I was tied up and tickled was with an old girlfriend back in college. I'd wanted to do it for a long time and she finally agreed one evening when we had the house to ourselves.She tied my hands behind my back, my ankles together, and my big toes together. I was still clothed at this point and she started teasing me telling me that she was never going to let me out, that she was going to tickle me all night. That sort of thing. She took off my shoes and socks and shoved one of my socks in my mouth, which I totally didn't expect, but there was nothing I could do about it. She started to tease my feet a little, nothing too much but I was laughing pretty hard. once she started tickling my feet I knew was done for. We were on the couch and she kept taunting and tickling me. Beforehand she'd told me to wear old clothes that I didn't care about. I figured that it was because she had something in mind that would get them dirty, but instead she pulled out a pair of scissors and began to cut my clothes off while tickling me!I was tied tightly and my sock was in my mouth so there wasn't really anything I could do except just sit there and let it happen. She cut my shirt off first and started to tickle and play with my nipples, which drives me absolutely insane. She stopped for a minute and went to get a glass of water. She'd been tickling me for probably about 10 minutes by now, but I'd been laughing so hard and with the sock in my mouth I was parched. She came back with the water and said "ooh, is the little tied up boy thirsty?" I nodded my head. "Too bad. You don't get anything until I've tickled you for at least two hours". And she stood there and drank the glass of water right in front of me. She left a little bit in the glass and flicked it at my face while she teased my nipples and armpits. Reply Report

Robest   0 points67 days ago

@XD. And.....did you fuck her? Reply Report
Billy Bob fuck you

Billy Bob fuck you +2 points72 days ago

I can't help but notice that she didn't swallow at all Reply Report

NRG   0 points70 days ago

@Billy Bob fuck you forgot her name but she can Reply Report

Robest -1 points67 days ago

@NRG my girlfriend would swallow my cum(she thought she must) I didnt tell her differently,but I married her and have 3 babies that came out of her gorgeous pussy! Reply Report

Robest   0 points67 days ago

Cool to see his fee tighten and toes curl as he lets it go in her mouth! We know how he feels guys,dont we ? Beautiful tits covered in his thick,white,healthy cum! Keep cuming! When ready for baby let that healthy shit go right up in her pussy! Reply Report