Cum Makes Her Cum

Sexy girl with a cute face takes a load of cum on her face and the semen on her skin makes her orgasm.

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gay. +5 points396 days ago

km yala Reply Report
National Lampoon\'s Vacation

National Lampoon\'s Vacation +5 points397 days ago

Eugene Levee's famous quote, "You think you hate it now but just wait until you drive it." Reply Report
2 Chainz

2 Chainz +5 points398 days ago

Southern hip hop Reply Report
Method Man

Method Man +5 points396 days ago

It ain't easy being greasy in a world full of cleanliness Reply Report
Quandale Dingle from Cocknballsville

Quandale Dingle from Cocknballsville +3 points397 days ago

Dudes, dudes, I love when they send me all the nudesHad to make him nut cause his balls were blueHe didn't have a clueHe sliding in and out my ass like he's cleaning out guttersDick bigger than a stick of butterSaw that big dick swinging up in the mother fuckin' hallwayHe like me and my friends because we're all gayWe like dickI like his ass cause it's thiccHe gon' fuck my butt til' I shitAnd dick is dry so I spit on the tip Reply Report

DUDE WHERES MY CAR? +3 points396 days ago

FAGGOT Reply Report
Hillary 2024

Hillary 2024 +2 points396 days ago

Biden is suffering from dementia Reply Report

THE TRUTH   0 points397 days ago

There exists definitive photographic evidence that DJT soiled himself while on the golf course Reply Report

NIGGERS +3 points396 days ago

@THE TRUTH Reply Report

THE TRUTH   0 points397 days ago

Rumor has it that when DJT occupied the White House the cleaning staff was kept busy changing the bed sheets because he would often wet the bed. Reply Report

6mmaiva1e1   0 points2 days ago

6mmaiva1e1 free - Reply Report

soren -1 points398 days ago

Daddy must have trained her early and often to have her associate cum and cumming. Reply Report
Judy jones

Judy jones -1 points397 days ago

I prefer to have my man pee on my face Reply Report

Jurkn -1 points397 days ago

Not bad Reply Report

subtext -1 points389 days ago

I find sluts wired for fetishes like cumming just from her guy putting cum in her mouth, or tits brutally squeezed (extreme, not like candy porn), or so deeply mind-fucked - being told to cum throws then into a stunning orgasm and as owner tells her higher she goes there because she's been told to. Very hard to find. Reply Report
i want

i want -1 points391 days ago

amazing. my kind of girl. she's a keeper Reply Report

Someone88 -6 points397 days ago

Can someone please help me join Reply Report
joe biden

joe biden +4 points397 days ago

@Someone88 I can only invite you to suck my balls and rim my ass Reply Report