Lucky Guy Fucking Girlfriend And Slutty Best Friend

If only....

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kjhfdf +12 points7 days ago

Tired of ordinary porn ! V!sit -- Reply Report

Intellectual +4 points10 days ago

Listen guys Im here to make one thing clear. Squirting is real. However, yes, girls can also pee themselves, either on purpose or by losing control of their bladder muscles during a more intense session. A lot of girls do pee and try to say it was squirting, knowingly or otherwise. The difference is that squirting is generally a lot more rare, and you need to be very hydrated. It is the gland that secretes moisture to the vagina having a build up, and releasing it in a (sometimes) powerful jet. You can tell this apart from urine often due to its more mucus-like texture and appearance. Stay hard. Reply Report

ejaunaowhzu   0 points8 days ago

@Intellectual my ex was a squirter. her bed would be wet like crazy Reply Report

Joshishere96 +1 points10 days ago

Motorcyclists are adult kids that still play with hot wheels dude. I'm a car owner and I just love relaxing while driving professionally exactly to the speed limit the sign tells me. Setting a good example on the road. Then there's these motorcyclists being all like "oh look at me vrooom vroom I'm fast and furious I blew all my money on this fucking sport bike because I'm lacking in self confidence as an adult even though having a motorcycle is a bad practice for my lifestyle." Sore losers I say. Like bro, I can go wherever you go and I can drink a Slurpee while I'm at it while you struggle with your helmet and sweating in your full riding gear Reply Report