Drunk Sluts Let Lose In Store

I guess these drunk sluts don't like the high prices either.

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Dr. Jill Alice Cooper 2022 Toyota tacoma

Dr. Jill Alice Cooper 2022 Toyota tacoma +5 points398 days ago

C'mon everybody! Smoke em if ya got em Reply Report

etienne54 +3 points397 days ago

Yeah, hilarious. Had to step around a puddle of piss in a Dollar General last week. Start taking out some of these pieces of shit and it would stop. Reply Report

Roughpounder +2 points398 days ago

Lol ppl on a fking porn site talking about politics. Can go do that shit on twitter or some other media outlet Reply Report
Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson -1 points389 days ago

@Roughpounder And who wouldn't want to watch AOC lez out on some chicks pussy. Reply Report
Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson   0 points389 days ago

@Roughpounder I'd pay good money for a porn where Donald Trumps fucks the shit out of Camala Harris's asshole Reply Report
Hillary 2024

Hillary 2024 +2 points400 days ago

Biden Officially Sets Record for Highest Inflation Ever Recorded Among Any Elected US President Reply Report

NAYGAH   0 points397 days ago

@Hillary 2024 That's hilarious Reply Report

rapedandleftfordead +2 points399 days ago

@Hillary 2024 Just wait,,, When Newsom is SELECTED, the entire country will look like California. Reply Report
No u!

No u! +1 points397 days ago

@rapedandleftfordead Maybe USA will look like a respectable country for once . . . Reply Report
Cali-Shithole, lol

Cali-Shithole, lol +1 points396 days ago

@No u! WE can all have journalists that get robbed and assualted while giving news reports on rising crime. Sweet. Can't wait till the states decriminalize all the drugs. Reply Report
The destructor is my cock

The destructor is my cock +2 points399 days ago

I'd defend the store with my dick Reply Report

Conan443 +1 points394 days ago

Get a fking life you pathetic shits Reply Report

MAGABoy2024   0 points398 days ago

I used to work at Walmart. One time I caught this skank taking a dump in the foot ware section. I let her finish and offered to wipe her ass with my tongue Reply Report
This mf lying ^

This mf lying ^ +4 points397 days ago

@MAGABoy2024 yea ok bud Reply Report

Opportunities   0 points399 days ago

Approach them and offer to fill up their cunt Reply Report

nn94ceuvp9   0 points21 hours ago

nn94ceuvp9 free - xstrip.mom Reply Report

Hanky -1 points376 days ago

Any hot girls want to watch me cum snap @ wannacumforugir Reply Report

angelique_21 -1 points400 days ago

I so wanna go shopping with you....I want a marrow up my cunt...... Reply Report

THE GORE COLLECTOR -2 points398 days ago


Tomeekwa21 -2 points400 days ago

Looks like me and my Honeys at Costco. Remember to wash everything as soon as you get home. You never know where it's been! Reply Report

Yadad -3 points400 days ago

Hot. Reply Report
The Truth

The Truth -4 points397 days ago

Rumor has it that when DJT occupied the White House the cleaning staff was kept busy changing the bed sheets because he would often wet the bed. Reply Report
Disgusting Dave

Disgusting Dave -4 points397 days ago

That's what this world needs now - more hot sluts that love doing fucking dirty shit in public. Reply Report