Elf Caught Squirting

Horny ebony elf in the Brooklyn Projects gets caught squirting by a man passing by.

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urban elf

urban elf +8 points402 days ago

Refers to some men who live in large urban areas and have surrendered, lost, or never had a strong sense of traditional masculinity, partly due to the urban culture and lack of contact with nature. Instead of engaging in traditional male activities they live very 'safe' lifestyles, often feminized. They eschew hunting, fishing, camping, the outdoors, self-sufficiency, or repairing things that break. Instead they prefer hanging out in coffee shops, trendy cafes, nightclubs, and working on Wall Street. They have totally absorbed the dogma of PC behavior and act highly offended at any evidence of thinking that does not resemble their own. The especially look down on rural folk and think anyone not from a city on the east coast or southern California is an ignorant redneck in the south. They engage in virtue signalling in a melodramatic manner, often in front of an audience of minorities and women. Reply Report

Person123 -3 points399 days ago

@urban elf its an obvious fact that cant be denied. All men have an inner competibe beast inside them who wants to fight, conquest and make a family. Reply Report

Biggamerdudexxxfortnighty -7 points401 days ago

@urban elf bro you're on a fetish site Lmaooo what you acting like you're a real man or something you barely know what grass is Reply Report

Person123 +2 points387 days ago

@Biggamerdudexxxfortnighty most intelligent porn fapper in his basement be like Reply Report
Snap: gosimmiee

Snap: gosimmiee +5 points396 days ago

I got that shit you want andIm in Clarksville,Tennessee Reply Report

88 +4 points398 days ago

Porch monkey Reply Report

Kaylee   0 points396 days ago

@88 white wall paint Reply Report
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×Error: invalid CAPTCHA. +3 points389 days ago

Heavyr is dying Reply Report
Yo Mama NYC

Yo Mama NYC +1 points398 days ago

son if you're a racist, just come out of your closet and say it like a man. Even if what you say is fact, that has nothing to do with porn or this clip. You're a proper garden tool. Reply Report
Rape her

Rape her +1 points395 days ago

im damn sure as fucking her wet tight pussy if i walked up on that. Reply Report
master race

master race -1 points389 days ago

@Rape her it's a nigger. Reply Report
Dck sckerxx

Dck sckerxx -2 points389 days ago

@master race Wow dude, you're like so funny... if I were you, I would maybe consider being a clown Reply Report

Hjoh   0 points280 days ago

Bruh Reply Report

7ck7yo9j9t   0 points9 hours ago

7ck7yo9j9t free - xstrip.mom Reply Report
La puta gorda de tu abuela

La puta gorda de tu abuela -3 points402 days ago

Por qu no se lo follar nos graban vdeo? ;) Reply Report