Doggy Duck For Fat Pig

After the Techno party, miss Piggy usually invites a guy to her place to have an anal after party.

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Maga Boy

Maga Boy +3 points63 days ago

I only fuck fat women. Their cunts are really tight because they don't get much use. Their assholes on the other hand are very loose. Because they eat massive amounts of food they have to push out massive turds that stretch their butt holes. Reply Report

Ak6110 -1 points58 days ago

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faggot nigger

faggot nigger +4 points59 days ago

@Maga Boy Reply Report
Reveal Master Mikey

Reveal Master Mikey   0 points60 days ago

@Maga Boy See the one thing you miscalculated in this house is that I have been an undercover Master all these years, and the rest of the family have no ideas that I fuck with faggots like you, and that I have a whole den of cunts just like you, lined up and ready to worship suck and fuck me anytime I want. I know you are a dirty cunt!! Hahaha and no matter what you tell me today, I have you clocked pal, and in fact you are going to do things for me, so lets start right now, have you ever had a guy tell you to get on your knees and suck their cock? Hahaha ever had that happen to you hmm well I struggle to believe that is true, you look gay as fuck boi, Reply Report
Lil Everette Yoakum III

Lil Everette Yoakum III +2 points64 days ago

Hello Yodelayheehoo Reply Report
Could you send and invite so I can join

Could you send and invite so I can join -4 points63 days ago

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Trump 2024

Trump 2024 -3 points62 days ago

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joe biden

joe biden +2 points63 days ago

@Could you send and invite so I can join. I can invite you to suck my balls and rim my ass Reply Report

AFLAC! +1 points64 days ago

That duck can motor Reply Report
Naked dude fucking a goose with his huge cock

Naked dude fucking a goose with his huge cock +1 points63 days ago

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I dare you

I dare you   0 points63 days ago

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cp land

cp land   0 points57 days ago

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Boner man

Boner man -2 points61 days ago

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fucking my own cousin

fucking my own cousin -1 points63 days ago

My cousin knocked on my bedroom door when everyone was resting and I can't believe what we did! Reply Report
Pig Lover

Pig Lover -3 points64 days ago

That`s a real Pig Duck. Would love to fuck her big ass. Reply Report
the prodigy

the prodigy -3 points63 days ago

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