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fgffgghg +11 points67 days ago

Tired of ordinary porn ! V!sit - Reply Report

rpoer +9 points68 days ago

Umm ... woman and common sense ? Hmmm ... does not compute. Reply Report

NIGGERS +5 points64 days ago

14 Reply Report
You just wait

You just wait +2 points67 days ago

Shark Swimming Streets of Florida Confirmed to Be RealAfter years of hoaxes, fake videos and pictures, and plenty of speculation, we finally have a confirmed shark sighting on the streets of Florida.According to AP news, it is very possible that this was a juvenile shark. As Dominic Cameratta, the man who took the footage, stated that he thought the animal was about 4 feet long. Marine Biologists have weighed in on the argument that the shark couldn't have gotten to the location shown in the video all the way from the Gulf of Mexico.Younger bull sharks are known to live in "low salinity" waters such as rivers and creeks. It would then make sense with massive flooding caused by Hurricane Ian that a fish like this could end up in an overflowing pond of this nature. Reply Report

mr_ant   0 points64 days ago

I am thinking that is his baby in the oven. Reply Report

dirty-dad -1 points54 days ago

My daughter has sex with her stepdad. Reply Report
your average ghetto car audio system

your average ghetto car audio system -3 points68 days ago

I bought a cheap ass amp and now its blowing capacitors even after replacements. The blown capacitor links to a transformer, 2 transistors and a TL494 chip. Both transistors' middle pin was slightly darker by the way. Reply Report
From Rags to Riches Teejay

From Rags to Riches Teejay -3 points67 days ago

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