Teen Squirts After Class

School's out and this young babe plays with fingers and her mother's vibrator to squirt.

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clemenza +4 points59 days ago

Big ugly tattoo ruins beautiful girl. Reply Report

MontanaMan +6 points59 days ago

@clemenza ~ Yes! Why do stupid girls get tats! They defile the girl & her body! Reply Report

Yall_unwise -2 points58 days ago

@MontanaMan... she's on a porn site.. how is a leg tattoo the thing that's defiling? Worse yet it's heavy r. The one with the weirdest shit. And I actually thought her tattoo was nice Reply Report

jay420 -5 points56 days ago

@Yall_unwise LOL 100% agree!!, Reply Report
Fuck boomers

Fuck boomers +3 points59 days ago

All I need was your respect and understanding, maam. Ignoring your own mistakes and trying to make up by gifting things will just aggravate your habit of blackmailing people the next time you needed their help. Reply Report

MontanaMan +6 points56 days ago

@Fuck boomers ~ Your father loves you, as all fathers love their children. The only way to be respected is to respect others. Think on these things, not hostility because you believe that your father did not give you everything you wanted... I truly wish good luck in your future life choices. Reply Report

KILL YOURSELF -3 points56 days ago

@Fuck boomers Reply Report

MontanaMan +8 points59 days ago

@Fuck boomers ~ And you are making even bigger mistakes, making more poor life choices, because you are hateful & vindictive. You are responsible for where you are & how you feel, you & you alone. Quit making up excuses for your failures, for your mistakes, by trying to blame others for your poor choices. 'Respect & understanding'! You do not know the definition of the words. Reply Report
Schools out forever.

Schools out forever. -6 points59 days ago

After class ass Reply Report
sorry this video has been deleted

sorry this video has been deleted -6 points57 days ago

Cute school girl is sexy using vibrator and dildo - b-dussy. - 07m 53s Reply Report

KILL YOURSELF -4 points56 days ago

@sorry this video has been deleted Reply Report

gtteaa -6 points56 days ago

Have sex with a cute girl today Reply Report
Привет из Литвы из Литвы

Привет из Литвы из Литвы -6 points55 days ago

Reply Report
scat king

scat king -7 points58 days ago

I love a big fat man to shit in my mouth and smear it around on my face. Make scat patties and pan fry them. Reply Report

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Panty Waist Sissy.

Panty Waist Sissy. -12 points59 days ago

While the very embarrassed and humiliated school bully left the room, all the kids were roaring with laughter and teasing him. He was SO wet that his pants were soaked with urine all the way down to his shoes. When he entered the hallway, he was surprised to find his next-door neighbor, who is also the school nurse, standing there waiting for him. He was so embarrassed in front of her, the students still laughing inside the classroom. "Stop right there, little boy. Hold my hand like a good little boy all the way to the nursery " she told him in a sing-song voice, as if speaking to a 4 year old. He didn't know why, but he heard himself say "Yes mam", at the same time not believing he obediently and in fact, eagerly held her hand as she led him to the baby nursery. Several people saw him in the hallway along the way, but try as he did, he simply could not release the nurses hand. Reply Report

NoTime -5 points59 days ago

@Panty Waist Sissy. Bro shut your stupid ass up Reply Report