Double Creampie

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She grips the knife and begins to cut long strips from her own flank. Her hand is steady and she does not cry out in pain. We always knew women were witches.She lays her meat in an empty iron pot by the fire. Her pale skin begins to run red. She strips her belly, then her chest. She cuts the flesh from her legs, separating the fat from the muscle. She carefully pulls the knife over the curves of her hips. We glimpse the white of her bones before they course with blood.She cuts deeper. She carves the meat from her arms, her back, even her cheeks. The pot is heaping now. We watch her and are silent.Finally, she is finished. She stands before us as a collection of bones held together only with tendons and ligaments. Her eyes still glint from their sockets. She is redder than anything we have ever seen, redder than the howling mouth of the desert at sunrise. With a skeletal foot she pushes the iron pot into the fire, and it begins to sizzle and sigh. Reply Report