Sister and Brother Paid To Have Sex

Sister and brother ordered to have sex on camera, while their father manages the shooting. They just turned 18 and dad thought it was about time they started to pay him back. Both claimed they were still virgins. Dad made some good money on his kids that day!

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sweethmary +41 points2592 days ago

At least she made an effort Reply Report

BURSTING -11 points563 days ago

@sweethmary how old are you Reply Report
Slav passing by

Slav passing by +34 points2588 days ago

I'm russian. This discription is bullshit. From what I can gather with this crappy audio, it is just a novice porn studio.You can hear another couple being ordered how to fuck in the background. Reply Report

Nick1988 +8 points2237 days ago

@Slav passing by Thank you. I was wondering about what they were saying. It did not seem to be bro and sis. I like to know the truth. Thanks again.
I think it is gonna be banned because they seem to be minors.
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NicestIncestIsBest +2 points105 days ago

@Nick1988 meh she has hair on it = old enough. Over 6 years later and it's still here, so apparently this iste agrees. Reply Report

POOTIS MANN +27 points2591 days ago


asdfjkl; +14 points2241 days ago

Jesus, maybe she should've fucked him with a strap on, he obviously doesn't like girls. Reply Report
Miley circus

Miley circus +1 points2089 days ago

Lmao @asdfjkl; Reply Report

PomPom +13 points2591 days ago

Did they go there with like 50+ people? holy shit it sounds crowded in that room. Reply Report

Nick1988 +4 points2240 days ago

@PomPom They are not bro and sis, it is fake Reply Report

Mee000 +4 points1768 days ago

@Nick1988 All Russian "amateur" porn is fake. Reply Report
Deanna Howard Louisa KY

Deanna Howard Louisa KY +4 points543 days ago

My brother wants to have sex with me. He tried a few times but I said no. I let him see my boobs and told him my bra size 38 DD. Reply Report

Jawo1952 +3 points374 days ago

@Deanna Howard Louisa KY . Keep it in the family Reply Report

docp +3 points2592 days ago

i'd like to understand what they say ! Reply Report

belk +3 points2590 days ago

He's incredibly cute Reply Report

Pussy12 +3 points2123 days ago

I hade sex with my step sis when I was little Reply Report

kincest +3 points1018 days ago

I fucked my cousin with another cousin filming Reply Report

Ethan +3 points861 days ago

Fortunately, my sister allowed me to fuck her bare and cum inside her. We have a healthy, smart and beautiful son. I got a vasectomy after she became pregnant. One thing about a sister she knows exactly what I like. Has never refused sex unlike girls I've dated. She's way better looking than any girl I've dated too with a fantastic body. Reply Report
What’s she look like?

What’s she look like?   0 points173 days ago

@Ethan Reply Report

Robest   0 points511 days ago

@Ethan lucky guy! Can we do a threesome with her ? Reply Report

KinkyDad +3 points1381 days ago

such a sweet and innocent brother and sister wish they were my kids Reply Report

Ethan +3 points908 days ago

My sister and I used to fuck all the time when we were growing up. I never used a condom probably because we didn't have any. I sometimes pulled out and other times creampie her pussy. My sister is now 30 and we live together with our son. We have sex on a daily basis. I never had a girlfriend as beautiful as my sister. I did date other women when I was young but my sister was a much better fuck. Friends think we are married and other guys are always hitting on her. Reply Report

Robest   0 points511 days ago

@Ethan let them enjoy her too! As long as you can watch,or join in Reply Report
George floyd

George floyd -4 points889 days ago

@Ethan your a inbred hope you catch STDs from ya sis Reply Report

Ethan -1 points713 days ago

@George floyd Our parents were not related, thank you. Reply Report
Skyler Brian

Skyler Brian +3 points601 days ago

Makes me want to go see my brother Reply Report

Bonez629 +3 points419 days ago

I love watching my 2 kids fuck but there r no condoms allowed n my house unless my wife is getting fucked by someone we dont kno but my son I fuck sis @ he fucks his mother without we almost always cum n there Pussy Reply Report

Ethan +3 points192 days ago

There isn't any pussy better than your biological sister, especially fucking them bare. The feeling of shooting your cum inside them is really hot. With her on top and sitting down so all your sperm is in her pussy as you orgasm feels amazing. Reply Report
Nuck Figgers

Nuck Figgers +2 points2591 days ago

holy shit theyre real siblings brodie theyre both embarrassed as fuck at first and not looking forward too it like hes stalling and shes hiding her face, riiiippp Reply Report

Ethan +2 points928 days ago

My sister and I started having sex when I was fourteen and her sixteen. We now have lived together for almost ten years. She's a very beautiful woman. Just under five foot, average breasts but a beautiful face and a great body. She became pregnant eight years ago and had a heathy little boy. I got a vasectomy so she wouldn't get pregnant again. She's a great cook and she never has refused having sex. Reply Report
George floyd

George floyd +2 points889 days ago

Disgusting typically Russian family god will panish you all .freaks Reply Report

Ethan +2 points814 days ago

My older sister and I started having sex when she was sixteen. She's a beautiful woman yet today with a nice round ass, firm little titties and a pretty face. We both were very horny with me just in puberty. Seeing naked walking through the house to the shower and her wearing a little nighty gave me an erection. We started having intercourse when our parents were gone or getting into bed together at night. She always let me fuck her bare which felt really good. She would let me shave her pussy teaching me how to do it safely. We continued to live together once we were adults too. We wouldn't miss a day that we didn't fuck at least once. After I got her pregnant we knew we would always be together. I got a vasectomy to prevent another pregnancy. Our son fortunately is healthy, smart and perfect. We had both dated some but we never found anyone to compare to our relationship. Reply Report
I have spoken

I have spoken -1 points98 days ago

@Ethan Your cock and balls must be hairy,sweaty, and rancid smelling so shave them bald and scrub your ass Reply Report
51 grallo

51 grallo +1 points2590 days ago

Great viseo. Shame they didn't show who was watching the show. Sounded like a crowd. Reply Report

precumdaddy +1 points2591 days ago

this gave me a major hard on while watching it Reply Report

fdasda +1 points2592 days ago

russian... Reply Report

ingomat +1 points607 days ago

Well, the family budget might be tight and everyone must contribute. The young bitch seems well trained and might be ready for more prominent roles. Nowadays people broadcast their activity on chaturbate for a dime or two Reply Report

BALLSBURSTING   0 points563 days ago

@ingomat How old are you? My FUCKING BALLS needs to be TIE!! Reply Report

Disappointed +1 points2231 days ago

All that and no money shot???????? Reply Report

Robest   0 points511 days ago

@Disappointed she sucked him off and he shot in her mouth Reply Report

TheRealDonaldTrump +1 points1797 days ago

Oh jeez this is the good stuff Reply Report
Vincenzo ridente

Vincenzo ridente +1 points1570 days ago

I'd fuck her for free I wouldn't care if she was my sister look at that body Reply Report

Darien +1 points1474 days ago

Fuck her now Reply Report
Jon F

Jon F +1 points713 days ago

I would fuck this beautiful girl. No condom either with a creampie ending. Reply Report

Robest +1 points511 days ago

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Robest +1 points511 days ago

@Robest love when she rides his cock,leans back,head back feeling and focused on his big cock hitting her front top of her pussy ...this will make her cum for him! 8;26 she arches her back and shows her great body riding his cock! Id like to see a better view of her dirty asshole! Hope they make him go down on her and smell her ass and pussy so he can enjoy both her smells and tastes! Reply Report

Robest   0 points511 days ago

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Raj +1 points47 days ago

I love this incest video Reply Report
yep no

yep no   0 points2590 days ago

if you guys are really that gullible to believe they are really siblings I have 1 billion other videos on the internet for you to watch. Mother and son, Grandma and grandson, step mom and step son, step dad and step daugher, daugher and father, etc etc etc etc etc. its just taboo shit that isnt real Reply Report
dr dave

dr dave -1 points658 days ago

@yep no its illegal to video real siblings fucking in any video online.. dont know why people watch this stuff, none of its real.. maybe they want it to be real cos they into fuking their own siblings??? watch on & wank over fake vids..happy wanking Reply Report

1Love17 +2 points124 days ago

@dr dave There's a video of a Spanish father ,mother and their biological daughter having sex on video and the video is on this site...... Reply Report

AKIA1488 +3 points603 days ago

@dr dave Its not illegal theres plenty of it even on this site lol Reply Report

beedee241   0 points2591 days ago

Is he gay...she's a hell of a lot more into fucking him than he is fucking her! Reply Report
jake b

jake b   0 points1744 days ago

he didnt even try Reply Report

Thypek   0 points2592 days ago

How do you know that they are real siblings? Reply Report

ladida -3 points2591 days ago

should have gone to specsavers Reply Report

Anti   0 points2591 days ago

No :( Reply Report

pauluzzz   0 points2591 days ago

they said in russian Reply Report
Click Bait

Click Bait   0 points2587 days ago

Absolutely lovely girl! "Brother and sister" thing is bullshit though. Reply Report
I love youtube!

I love youtube!   0 points2036 days ago

I love you guys
Reply Report
I love youtube!

I love youtube!   0 points2036 days ago

I love youtube!
Reply Report
wakka wakka wakka

wakka wakka wakka   0 points1873 days ago

what is going on with that dude's decor? Reply Report

Whoever   0 points1824 days ago

She is very hot. I would love to hook up with someone like that. She's the right type. Reply Report

Jobby   0 points82 days ago

You know, if these assholes weren't constantly barking orders and distracting them, sis would have cum. She obviously wanted to. Reply Report

robbie   0 points1777 days ago

she s sexy Reply Report

Neto133   0 points1731 days ago

Es riquisimo y super excitante cojer con la hermana Reply Report

JackMe69   0 points991 days ago

I really like to do her, she a little hottie. I could be her stepfather Reply Report

Ryan   0 points1515 days ago

I like that she was eager to start Reply Report

chunk   0 points1076 days ago

just wish it was in english! I'm American Reply Report

drrfvvtr   0 points986 days ago

ff Reply Report

Travis   0 points927 days ago

Fuck the condoms. I would have fucked her bare and creampied deep in her beautiful pussy. Reply Report

Robest   0 points511 days ago

@Travis I get it,once Im in a warm pussy its very hard to pull out and cum! I ask in hopes they say I could let it go in them! Reply Report

Ethan   0 points922 days ago

He should have fucked her bare and creampie her beautiful pussy. My sister is the best fuck I've had. She has the tightest pussy and knows how to fuck. Reply Report

Ethan   0 points879 days ago

They are probably not brother and sister but she's a cute girl. I would have pulled that condom off and cum inside her sweet little pussy. Sex with a sister can be really good. Reply Report

Robest   0 points511 days ago

@Ethan at least she sucked his cum out of his cock ! Reply Report
fertile nutz

fertile nutz   0 points839 days ago

Probably not brother and sister but she's beautiful. I would have fucked her bare and gave her a creampie. Then I would have ate her pussy untilshe had an orgasm. Reply Report

Robest -1 points511 days ago

@fertile nutz me too! I wish this boy would have went down on her! Her bush must smell so good and the shit around her asshole ring even better! To sit her on my face to eat her hole to hole would be so welcoming! Reply Report

SkeeterPeter   0 points795 days ago

Amazingly cute girl..I'd love to do her. Reply Report

ingomat   0 points607 days ago

Well, the family budget might be tight and everyone must contribute. The young bitch seems well trained and might be ready for more prominent roles. Nowadays people broadcast their activity on chaturbate for a dime or two Reply Report

Cumm   0 points761 days ago

Thats what I like is incest Reply Report

Yeahh   0 points735 days ago

Looks like they've done this act before and are shy around the cameras Reply Report
Horny for family pussy

Horny for family pussy   0 points708 days ago

How can I go about fucking my sis again or maybe suggesting sex to another family member bc if I can get my dick in them I'm going to cum in them whether they like it or not Reply Report

Addy   0 points430 days ago

Real? Reply Report

Blometoo   0 points650 days ago

I dont think it counts as fucking with a dick that little. Reply Report
Nude Emma

Nude Emma   0 points568 days ago

They should have done it in the mud and I'll be really fun to see those two getting really muddy and stuck especially the sister Reply Report
What is the girls name.

What is the girls name.   0 points497 days ago

Ok Reply Report

INCESTLOVERZ   0 points464 days ago

In Russia, consensual sex between adults, including incest, is not a crime. However, under the Family Code of Russia, persons who are related lineally, siblings, half-siblings, and a stepparent and a stepchild may not marry. Reply Report

NicestIncestIsBest +1 points105 days ago

@INCESTLOVERZ not legal to marry here in Ohio USA either (sibling incest legal) but a loophole is to just take a trip to Argentina and marry there (where siblings can marry). The state recognizes legal marriages from other states and countries. Reply Report

Macy   0 points422 days ago

She should get pregnant with her brother Reply Report

Xxxxj   0 points410 days ago

Dude looks like a total gimp Reply Report

mitch   0 points236 days ago

Wast of talent !! Instead of filming a sensual living breathing porn....You chose to laugh all the way through it. Possibly the worst i have ever seen.So congrats, i have never felt compelled to leave a comment before until now.... Reply Report

Alienwhore   0 points165 days ago

New video though wish he got his sister oregnant Reply Report

Hi   0 points162 days ago

Hi Reply Report

hdab   0 points114 days ago

thshuhu Reply Report

NicestIncestIsBest   0 points105 days ago

pro tip: if you need a condom to fuck them then you probably shouldn't be fucking them at all. Reply Report
Arzon Varashko

Arzon Varashko   0 points104 days ago

Damn they look alike probably real sibs.....erotic Reply Report
Mr. C

Mr. C -1 points2590 days ago

a sister and a brother, but are they related? Reply Report
Good Father

Good Father -1 points1947 days ago

That is how a father should use his children. I like that he has his son have sex with his sister. She seems very obedient - whis is good for a girl. Reply Report

Wife -1 points1536 days ago

My 25-year old wife ask me last night I wouldn't be mad if she had sex with her two son's.. I asked her if she was serious and thinking about it a couple years she wants to have a threesome with her and her two sons I asked you're only 25 think of the age difference.. she don't care should I let her???...??? Reply Report

Somone. -1 points497 days ago

What is the girls name? Reply Report

NicestIncestIsBest   0 points105 days ago

@Somone. Olga Reply Report

RUSH B -2 points2591 days ago

That was fucking weird to watch Reply Report

ohgosh -2 points2591 days ago

this is so fucked up Reply Report

Peshwar -2 points2590 days ago

Reply Report

ohgosh -2 points2591 days ago

this is so fucked up Reply Report
8 inch sausage

8 inch sausage -2 points1628 days ago

VERY BORING.. Reply Report

Norman -2 points1431 days ago

Stop taking flash photo's! Reply Report
Joshua North

Joshua North -4 points2067 days ago

These fake videos are always made to demean the coloreds and the people of the third world who are always branded as uneducated & dirty sub-humans involved in all nefarious activities. But in this video the Russians are portrayed in that group because of the hate & they can't be dominated. Do the makers realize that the Russians are whites, their blood brothers?
Reply Report

88 +1 points579 days ago

@Joshua North Only a jew could write such an insane paragraph. Reply Report

Getfucked +1 points1622 days ago

@Joshua North are you fucking retarded? Reply Report
BBC loves inexperienced girls

BBC loves inexperienced girls -5 points2255 days ago

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albinaisaeva7519 -17 points2591 days ago

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CannibalLover +16 points2591 days ago

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