Unwilling Sex

No girl likes to get fucked by a human polar bear. But she had no money to pay for the rent, so she offered her body instead.

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Mooch +188 points3045 days ago

This dude apologized so much, you'd swear he was Canadian. Reply Report
Seymore Ignorance

Seymore Ignorance -7 points537 days ago

@Mooch LOL Reply Report

(: +15 points2986 days ago

My sexual fantasies are almost always rape fantasies these days. But not some lame planned out one I want to be forreal raped and I want to threatened and fear for my life and then right when I'm crying the most I'm going to beg for him to stop bc I'm going to cum and then cry until I get my way Reply Report
jai 07949946469 uk

jai 07949946469 uk   0 points44 days ago

@(: hmu Reply Report

Dirtxx +19 points270 days ago

@(: my fantasy is fucking a girl who thinks she wants to be raped, and being so rough I prove her she was very very wrong ;) Reply Report
Daddy’s Girlx3

Daddy’s Girlx3   0 points85 days ago

@Dirtxx Reply Report

Lolololo +12 points230 days ago

@Dirtxx that comment you replied to is over 7 years old my guy Reply Report
Your death

Your death +10 points2005 days ago

Fat disgusting...fat body sack of shit ... Reply Report
Ana coach

Ana coach +18 points1193 days ago

@Your death true she should work on becoming bulimic and getting pretty. Fat cow Reply Report

MontanaMan +10 points540 days ago

@Ana coach ~ Good one! Reply Report

Atef +9 points580 days ago

Lol comments are so funny Reply Report

shitfilledvagina +7 points3044 days ago

Dude I'd pay all my bills with my body. I'd much rather have a lot of sex with ugly men than pay $400 a month! Reply Report

Chris -1 points291 days ago

@shitfilledvagina I'm interested message me on snap lovecurvywoman Reply Report
gweny baby

gweny baby +5 points461 days ago

@shitfilledvagina i gave my landlord my virginity in exchange for free nyc rent Reply Report

Horny123   0 points1 day ago

@gweny baby nice, did you have to "keep up with payments" or was it just a 1 time thing? Did you enjoy it? Reply Report

Shkteve -17 points986 days ago

@shitfilledvagina Reply Report

YupYupYupNope +7 points1352 days ago

@shitfilledvagina 400 a month? Jesus I'm paying 750 and 40% utilities. Reply Report

JuicyFruit   0 points313 days ago

@YupYupYupNope Im paying 3500 a month before utilities. I was paying 6000 before I moved. Id kill for 400 a month rent where I live. Reply Report

Bdubs -3 points1090 days ago

@YupYupYupNope I pay a grand for my house in Tennessee. Fuckin annoying. Reply Report

Scam +7 points374 days ago

Jesus christ I guess the shithole is on an airfield Reply Report

shhh6969 +5 points329 days ago

that is just sad Reply Report

gothcumslut +4 points230 days ago

Id love to get used by guys whenever need to pleasure their dicks, even better if it pays my bills lol, but Id just love to be used on a regular basis, dont care if I cum or not, only care that the guy cums and fills my holes and coats me Reply Report

DaddyP   0 points59 days ago

@gothcumslut add dj.shamrock on snap Reply Report

Joseph45 -1 points76 days ago

@gothcumslut omg I love sexy goth freaks like you . If you give me your ass whenever I want Ill pay your bills . Reply Report

dawhoda +3 points290 days ago

She talked about everything under the sun, except the fact she was having some fat dude trying to bang her. If you close your eyes and just listen to this whole vid you would think its just a guy and a girl watching planes fly at an airport Reply Report
Insta alastor_fangirl_

Insta alastor_fangirl_ +3 points131 days ago

Fuuuck I wish I was raped where they tied me up riped my clothes did all this nasty stuff stuff normal people would never think and say they will come back and make sure id never tell a soul Reply Report

chokemeharder   0 points18 days ago

@Insta alastor_fangirl_ same!! my boyfriend always does this to me Reply Report

DaddyP   0 points59 days ago

@Insta alastor_fangirl_ add dj.shamrock on snap Reply Report

Lena +3 points214 days ago

Tbh hes not bad looking, just overweight. I dont think Id be as upset as she is and Id definitely give that poor guy more of show Reply Report
Melissa hi

Melissa hi +2 points997 days ago

Some one fuck me its been years please. Reply Report

Helldog +1 points213 days ago

@Melissa hi No Reply Report
Message me on snap if interested lovecurvywoman

Message me on snap if interested lovecurvywoman -2 points291 days ago

@Melissa hi 717-683-3812 Reply Report

Hahahahahaha   0 points334 days ago

@Melissa hi Dont mind MontanaMan, he is unfuckable, so he thinks everyone is too. Reply Report

Ppg -4 points407 days ago

@Melissa hi I will fuck you anyway you like Reply Report

MontanaMan +30 points920 days ago

@Melissa hi ~ Are you fuckable? Are you fuckworthy? Reply Report
Let\'s go..hmu ..down to get down

Let\'s go..hmu ..down to get down -13 points949 days ago

@Melissa hi Reply Report
Phil o

Phil o -15 points995 days ago

@Melissa hi I'll fuck u Reply Report

Joe890 +2 points288 days ago

He can not fuck Reply Report

:3 +2 points244 days ago

im a little young but my snap is elizababs14 Reply Report

Henry +1 points3045 days ago

She looks like a nice lady Reply Report

MontanaMan +9 points428 days ago

Well then Henry, you should take her to your mother & father's house to introduce her to them and have dinner with them. You could tell your parents that you first met her online. Reply Report
This dude

This dude -41 points3044 days ago

No he's country Reply Report
Sissy to rape

Sissy to rape +1 points812 days ago

Rape me I'd love that guy to be his rape toy Reply Report
Lil durk

Lil durk +1 points341 days ago

You could tell she really wasnt down for this to much Reply Report

dawhoda +2 points290 days ago

@Lil durtk TOO Reply Report

Leahslut +1 points333 days ago

Poor guy the girl didnt even let him enjoy it at all i love how he was gentle with her and kept saying sorry if i ever meet this guy i would let him do ANYTHING to me id love pleasing him Reply Report

Natethegreat +1 points298 days ago

Hell yea but pound that bitch who cares about saying sorry. Fuck a daughter right Reply Report

Sluttylust +1 points298 days ago

I'd pay rent this way every month! Reply Report

Bbwbunny +1 points91 days ago

I want someone to fuck me in my sleep and leave there hot juicy cum deep in my pussy Reply Report

Dickpuller   0 points1 day ago

@Bbwbunny well if you're consenting to it, i would love to get drunk together and pump a few loads of cum inside your pussy after you pass out. I'll help with the laundry the next day... (i would put every pair of panties you have on you, and there would be cum on all of them) Reply Report

Jinx +1 points75 days ago

The only way a incel will EVER get any lol Reply Report

Money +1 points290 days ago

I'd bust a huge load balls deep in this lil ho Reply Report

Darling +1 points214 days ago

Aww all the apologizing! She doesnt have any class! At the very least she couldve given the guy a satisfactory BJ, if not satisfactory sex! Reply Report

Alice88 +1 points190 days ago

JESUS STOP SAYING SORRY what a fucking pussy bitch Reply Report

LuckyBastard +1 points162 days ago

This is how vingro people having sex?? Quite boring and lack of intimacy tho, should've done more foreplay and kissing. Don't just fuck Reply Report

Gee.   0 points389 days ago

I thought he was sodomizing her. Reply Report
Dookie hole fucker

Dookie hole fucker +1 points17 days ago

@Gee. Too bad he wasn't and she didn't shit on him Reply Report

Hanky   0 points384 days ago

Any girls need a daddy snap me @ wannacumforugir Reply Report
laila :3

laila :3   0 points122 days ago

@Hanky money? Reply Report
Someone watching

Someone watching   0 points98 days ago

It was too fake Reply Report

Kitty   0 points382 days ago

Can someone please fuck my pussy like this Reply Report

dawhoda +2 points290 days ago

@Kitty yes, come on over now Reply Report

tupac   0 points774 days ago

got to love the human polar bear hes so kind Reply Report
Bitchin\' Ho(use)wife

Bitchin\' Ho(use)wife -3 points524 days ago

@tupac YOU'RE ALIVE! ....also, I for sure thought a human polar bear would involve some biting or raw flesh tearing at least. Congrats on not dying, friend! Reply Report

Reckitralph   0 points11 days ago

It must be nice living on the runway of an airport. Reply Report

Sonia   0 points277 days ago

Mom&son,dad&daughter,rape,black lesbian&gay text me on telegram @queenx01 to get the mega links videos Reply Report

kim   0 points228 days ago

lol Reply Report

Anomwilmilya   0 points220 days ago

Fkn fat ugly dog. She deserved better. Probably fks kids the grub. Reply Report

RobertEllingsworth +1 points202 days ago

@Anomwilmilya Worthless jobless cunt who won't pay her rent is more like it. She's going to get the idea she can pay rent like this all the time and some different guy is going to tell her no, get the fuck out. Reply Report
your dada harder

your dada harder   0 points205 days ago

i want to have a bitch liek taht made me here rto itr buit stronger resitance get me off rigt now i got 7 under 178 as i look they ae all begging tpo rape ot harder Reply Report
your dadaw47th nycarder

your dadaw47th nycarder   0 points205 days ago

i gopt us by a bbc e went ut hotel an i ork up he was on top 11 inhs pouybding a qway i was liek yes teh i looked to my righthe oqwas on teh vuich with 4 oythre guys and ther was 3 gys usung j he jhad sucj a biof smiloe i ber crave anything but nigg padas true story okease heklo mne bow mispled in thtionally so hie m but ry rey ui need u raped inme hard soone Reply Report

StevenWillington   0 points202 days ago

I believe this is one of the very few real "pussy for rent" videos. I first saw this many years ago but it was titled and described as "tenant fucked by the landlord for rent" even back then. Reply Report

Tallpoppy   0 points152 days ago

Lub guys ... Lub ! Reply Report
Your dad

Your dad   0 points187 days ago

Fucking losers wtf is this? Is this place in the middle of fucking airport? Fucking planes keeps coming and going. Annoying as shit fuck you Reply Report

Suki   0 points52 days ago

. Reply Report

chokemeharder   0 points18 days ago

I fantasize a lot about being raped. but by my boyfriend!! and since I told him, he ties me up when I don't want it and does it to me so rough that I just pass out and sleep after. I also love when he chokes me so hard I can't breathe anymore Reply Report

44yo   0 points24 days ago

dude do you live on a airforce base whats with the air traffic planes taking off or landing left and right? Reply Report

ShamefulNut   0 points121 days ago

Not my proudest nut. Reply Report

Kate -1 points363 days ago

I guess I'm an alien then. Reply Report
Ed latino

Ed latino -1 points361 days ago

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anagha.ars -1 points677 days ago

Anybody need sex service I am ready call me at 973) 604-7524my name is anagha.ars Reply Report
no thank you

no thank you   0 points386 days ago

@anagha.ars thats funny Reply Report

MontanaMan +7 points413 days ago

Are you fuckable? Are you fuck worthy? Are you a good woman? Do you fuck, suck cock, take it up the ass, preform ATM, and swallow, all on the first date? Reply Report

Ciara   0 points402 days ago

@MontanaMan aint no way Im doing any of that Reply Report

Ciara -2 points402 days ago

@MontanaMan lmaoo just wow if any girl here fucks,suck cock on the first date obviously is not wifey material just saying..me personally dont do that shit.A first date is supposed to be a bit Romantic yk especially if yall dont really know each other yet Reply Report

MontanaMan +3 points395 days ago

Clara, I do not disagree with anything you said. It is just that I am not very often pragmatic on an internet porn site. Interjecting levity and the wildest fantasizing was my intent. Okay, back to jocularity... There are two kinds of girls: one you want to date & one you want to marry... Reply Report

717-683-3812 -1 points291 days ago

Any females near Pennsylvania message me on snap. Lovecurvywoman Reply Report

chadyns -1 points592 days ago

good video Reply Report

Prince6969 -1 points547 days ago

Nice Reply Report

Marg -1 points415 days ago

Have you learned nothing from the WAP bitch get that money have fun with it don't be a whiney bitch. Reply Report

Hanky -1 points394 days ago

Any girls want to watch me pump my hard cock snap @ wannacumforugir Reply Report

Sadnoy -1 points363 days ago

Girlfriend would duck our landlord back in the day when we couldnt make ends meet Reply Report

dawhoda   0 points290 days ago

@Sadnoy she likes ducks huh? Reply Report
Bubba sketsket

Bubba sketsket -1 points213 days ago

Definitely willing Reply Report

irou -1 points172 days ago

what's up with the description? this chubby king fucked that dry pussy bitch like a king.he's got nothing to be ashamed of. Reply Report

Electric_Orgasm -1 points133 days ago

NEVER apologize to a h0r Reply Report

Tom -2 points3040 days ago

If he raped her, I hope he at least came in her. Reply Report
Breeder Slut

Breeder Slut +2 points1062 days ago

@Tom I was so mad it cut off right after switching to the mating press. Rude. Reply Report
Thomas 40

Thomas 40 +19 points3004 days ago

Who wants anyone raped for real loser sick dicky sucking fuck Reply Report

J. -2 points488 days ago

I couldn't even get my cock hard with that whiney little bitch. Either wake the hell up and fuck me, or gimnie the fucking rent money! We fucking for my money bitch! As soon as she said not in her ass, guaranteed now I'm fucking your ass. Reply Report

dawhoda -2 points290 days ago

@J. You're one of those special people who really think she owed sent moneyit was Girlfriend and boyfriend dummy. Reply Report
snap: mad_domdaddy

snap: mad_domdaddy -2 points411 days ago

text me on telegram @ LANSPRESSADO , if you wanna get hurt and used for my pleasure !! i'll whip you until you pass out from the pain then then cum on your fainted body and wake you up by pissing on your face !! Reply Report

dawhoda   0 points290 days ago

@snap: mad_domdaddy yeah right, you get no pussy dude Reply Report
Kathy W

Kathy W -3 points433 days ago

I was raped one time when I was 22 yrs old by a friend of mine and my husband's. We had all been out together a number of times over the last two years. My husband was out of town and John saw me at the store and asked if I wanted to have diner since I was alone. We meet at a local bar for a drink then diner and a few drinks but when I headed home he followed me home and said he was just making I NG sure I got home ok. When I started to go in he pushed me inside, locked the door. I told him this was not going to happen, I had no interest in him and he must go. He said he had interest in me and not to fight it and it would be much easier. As I begin to protest he began taking my skirt down and then my shirt off and bra. He told me how great I looked as he removed my panties. He put me on the bed while he was playing with my tits and forced my legs apart and sunk about 7 inches of dick in my pussy. After he cum in me he rested a few and then turned me face down an fucked me up the ass and cum. At that point he told me to keep quite or it would get much worse. I never told anyone and tried to stay clear of him but every chance he got he would feel me up in public at a bar when my husband was in the rest room or at the bar. Reply Report

Natega +3 points351 days ago

@Kathy W did you enjoy it? I went to a bar with my ex gf one time and when we got back to her place we we were shit faced. Her especially. Could barely make it upstairs but really wanted to fuck. We did I for a while then when I flipped her on her stomach to fuck her from the back idk why but I really wanted to fuck her in the ass. I had never done that with her yet. I put the head of my cock up to it and started rubbing it on her asshole. She didnt say anything, probably because of how fucked up she was she didnt realize what I wanted. Until I started to press in a little bit. My dick was super wet from her juices and it went in further than I expected, but still only about half of the head. said "not uh" and started to lay flat to stop me. I know I was drunk af and that's no excuse but I went for it. pinned her down and forced my whole cock in. She twisted and it came back out. She immediately started crying and saying please. I put it back in and made sure she was pinned. I still couldn't fuck her because if I pulled back a little she could twist so I just held it in there as hard as I could. For at least a whole minute listening to her complaints and cries. I said nothing. Just focused on keeping my cock as deep in her ass as I could get it. And just that felt amazing. I could feel her asshole trying so hard to reject my cock. And slowly relax. But still so tight. Once she stopped moving so much i pinned her head and waist down and she just said please, please, please as if she knew it was coming and there was nothing she could do. I stroked in and out of her. When she twisted I pressed on her head harder and she stopped. The repeating pleases and cries grew fainter and fainter as I kept pumping in and out until she was silent and just accepted that her ass was mine right now. Twice I was about to cum and had to stop and hold it in her ass still. I was enjoying it too much and didnt want it to end. But the third time I tried to stop but I was a couple pumps to late. I held it deep and still but once that first spurt of cum shot out there was no stopping it I pumped and pumped emptying my balls into her ass. Felt like the longest orgasm of my life. She got up and went to the bathroom I could hear her crying in the shower. And I passed out. We never spoke about it and about a year later she gave me her ass for my birthday. It was amazing but it was nothing like the first time. Reply Report
Kathy W

Kathy W   0 points232 days ago

@Natega yes when it was over I did enjoy it. I would do him again if I knew he would be that ruff and demanding. Reply Report
It\'s not rape, you said you enjoyed it

It\'s not rape, you said you enjoyed it   0 points1 day ago

@Kathy W did you have an orgasm when he "raped" you? plus what did you do to stop your husband from knowing there was another man's cum inside you? Reply Report

DaddyP   0 points59 days ago

@Kathy W wish I could watch Reply Report

Femdom +1 points254 days ago

@Natega this comment made me cum. Reply Report
females should be raped

females should be raped -2 points419 days ago

@Kathy W he should do it to you again Reply Report
Kathy W

Kathy W -1 points366 days ago

@females should be raped I'm sure he would or will the first chance he gets. He's not a bad guy but stays drunk most of the time and not many people will put up with that Reply Report
Snuff Sniffer

Snuff Sniffer -3 points609 days ago

This is about the ONLY realistic one of these videos I've ever seen.. you sir are the winner! You know what really makes'em buck if right when you're boutta nut cut their pony tail off and show it to them! Gets them off and out faster than Omar Epps at an elderly Zumba retreat! Reply Report

Dafuq??!?! +1 points537 days ago

@Snuff Sniffer my guy are you Barney Stinson? Reply Report

dawhoda +1 points290 days ago

@Dafuq??!?!he's just a dirty snuff sniffer Reply Report

Pr1nce69 -3 points547 days ago

Nice Reply Report

rando -4 points2987 days ago

love how disinterested she is, but doing it for the rent. major turn on Reply Report

Scar -4 points1360 days ago

She is his wife, seen this before with a different heaeding. Sound like a 12yr married couple Reply Report

Darci -4 points1135 days ago

Honestly fucking one ugly landlord to pay for rent sounds better than fucking a bunch of ugly strangers to pay my rent. Safer and less work. Where's this landlord at? Reply Report

Master\'sSlave -4 points1038 days ago

Yeah this is a married couple Reply Report

Bigdick24 -4 points504 days ago

Nah uhhh Reply Report

dawhoda   0 points290 days ago

@Bigdick24 nut uh Reply Report

dawhoda +1 points290 days ago

@Bigdick24 My dick was super wet from her juices and it went in further than I expected, but still only about half of the head. said "not uh" and started to lay flat to stop me. Reply Report

dawhoda   0 points290 days ago

@dawhoda Reply Report

dawhoda   0 points290 days ago

@dawhoda lol Reply Report

Mybgck4u -4 points465 days ago

What a fucking pig. Sounds like they are near NAS Oceana Reply Report

lumpy -4 points419 days ago

she seemed a bit bossy. she owed him not the other way around. i would have told her to shut the fuck up Reply Report

berra -5 points3043 days ago

she looks young !! Reply Report

dottiepie -5 points1481 days ago

my landlord fucks me all the time too Reply Report

Slutlvr +7 points1262 days ago

@dottiepie Good girl Reply Report

Docal1861 -5 points527 days ago

Can someone invite me so I can join. Reply Report

dawhoda   0 points290 days ago

@Docal1861 join what? Reply Report

RandomSub -6 points2914 days ago

.... she pretty and skinny.. thats it.
hes got nothing to apologize for. idk what her deal is, get ontop and ride the D. stop whining. jesus. total turn off because of her.
Reply Report