Girl Crying During Sex

Clearly she is not enjoying it. No wonder, just look at the guy!

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SoHo Ho Ho

SoHo Ho Ho +40 points3741 days ago

He has bigger tits than her Reply Report
I never told

I never told +12 points756 days ago

This is almost exactly how my uncle did it to me when I was a little girl Reply Report

Iwastouched   0 points318 days ago

@I never told Did you like it tho?? Reply Report

Brother +1 points691 days ago

@I never told he did that Reply Report

TheRapist +7 points3738 days ago

Looking at her position and his, looks like he is fucking her in the ass... maybe that's the reason for the crying Reply Report

Awse +4 points561 days ago

She young Reply Report

Heather +1 points233 days ago

@Awse Maybe she was a cherry on his cock! Reply Report
the fuck

the fuck +3 points3612 days ago

His dick is so damn tiny there's no way he could get it in Reply Report

'82 +3 points3539 days ago

I like seeing the pain as the cock goes in her asshole Reply Report

Chris +2 points292 days ago

I would love to buy or have some help a brother out by giving me a female to have 4 life. If anyone knows anyone message me on snap lovecurvywoman Reply Report

poooop +1 points2035 days ago

quality father daughter time! Reply Report
Stating the obvious

Stating the obvious +1 points366 days ago

@poooop definitely his daughter Reply Report

Puss +1 points1133 days ago

I love to be force fucked in all the holes. The most painful the best, and to dont care for me crying Reply Report

Chris   0 points292 days ago

@Puss message me on snap lovecurvywoman Reply Report
Arkansas Man

Arkansas Man   0 points6 days ago

Not sure why she was crying. He has the smallest cock in town Reply Report

Duckme   0 points34 days ago

I can fuck better than that Reply Report

USA!!   0 points280 days ago

Most happy couple in russia Reply Report
So small it\'s sad

So small it\'s sad   0 points263 days ago

How could it look like it's hurt??? Reply Report
greatest of all time

greatest of all time   0 points205 days ago

this is so disgusting i wanna be fucked way harder than that Reply Report

DaddysMandy   0 points201 days ago

She's crying because she doesn't want to be there. I know exactly how she feels. Still makes me cum. Reply Report

KillUglyBastards -1 points146 days ago

Hes so far he should kill himself on live stream so we can watch. Reply Report

:3 -1 points244 days ago

im a little bit young but i wanna be fucked til i cry my snap is elizababs14 Reply Report
that poor bastard

that poor bastard -2 points3701 days ago

i've seen clits bigger than that pecker Reply Report

ElronMcBong -2 points3740 days ago

At least sha can´t say it Hurts his Penis is to big. :D
Reply Report

dingdong -2 points3723 days ago

probably the most pathetic sex i've ever seen Reply Report

brittany -2 points3662 days ago

she's crying because his dick too small Reply Report

Breedingslut4studs -2 points2911 days ago

Shes crying because fucking this old man is how she makes her alloance...she just realized she is going to be old fat cock for a long time lol
Reply Report

Shlong -2 points2180 days ago

Chris Christie? Reply Report

pirate -3 points3702 days ago

She is crying, because she realized how disgusting that guy is.....with his 'tool'... Reply Report
Your mom

Your mom -3 points1091 days ago

Lmao godDAMN that mans got a tiny dick Reply Report

Niki -3 points976 days ago

his tits bigger than hers! Reply Report

hjjhbbb -5 points3701 days ago

The guy has bigger tits than the girl... Reply Report

ImprobableMagicGoat -5 points3701 days ago

probably he have a light saber ... Reply Report

Клей -5 points2997 days ago

я вообще сомневаюсь что его маленький член прошел меж бедр Reply Report

trukin_fool -5 points3452 days ago

His tits are almost as big as hers are. Reply Report
Keith B.

Keith B. -5 points3001 days ago

She's pretty damn nice. I'd love to do her. I'd be a whole heck of a lot nicer to her though. As a matter of fact, I think I'm even in love with her. Please contact me so that we can get together and I can show you the nice way to make love. Reply Report

FuckBeaners -5 points1118 days ago

Dick so small i bet the smallest condoms in existence wont even stay on Reply Report

Wazzer -8 points2321 days ago

Anyone know who she is and how I can get in contact with her ? Reply Report

eh -10 points2187 days ago

wow he is a sick she is crying because she is a virgin
Reply Report