Painful Experience With A Big Black Cock

Black dude fucks this white bitch as she screams in agony...

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ceethecee +55 points4371 days ago

that guy is FREAKING HOT AS FUCK. Reply Report
white chick bbc lover

white chick bbc lover +40 points4286 days ago

thats not screams of pain thats pleasure. i should know. nothing feels as good as a big black cock in your pussy. i dont mess with white guys period. Reply Report

NastyOldMan -9 points2426 days ago

You'd like my big cock, honey. Reply Report
white dad

white dad -2 points2923 days ago

very good girl hope my white younger daughter will be just like you thank you to all black men using our white daughters Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +16 points4091 days ago

@Yeah right
You poor little jealous cracker you sound upset because black men are banging your white women. Go jerk off with your MASSIVE 3 inch cock and btw dont take it so hard, at least you white boys are packing more meat than the asians.
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MontanaMan +4 points386 days ago

Aw-w-w,,, Poor niggles got mad. Reply Report
Mexican Bomber

Mexican Bomber +11 points4568 days ago

Then I guess alot of white woman have it then..... lol especially the ones here in the south you know the ones that act all racist but as soon as there husbands leave for work they let the black guy in to give it to them like their husband can't ...... Sad part is I bet most of you think i'm just making that up lol........ I seen it all too many times..... Reply Report
hate white niggers

hate white niggers +10 points2673 days ago

Its no wonder this skank has to fuck nigger look at her Reply Report

Superman +4 points3974 days ago

1 nigger baby coming up. Reply Report

bbcrules +6 points2510 days ago

Even better, twin nigglets! Reply Report
fuk that

fuk that +2 points4558 days ago

im only half black and im wayyyyyy biger than that niga hahahhaa madness Reply Report

Softnpretty +1 points3492 days ago

I'm 5'4 and 98 pounds, How about ten like him abducting me and keeping me naked and pimping me out:) Reply Report

Takeitharf   0 points85 days ago

@Softnpretty dame ur hard core for sure so u sure u could handle that much? Some know it gromexsperence Reply Report

Pankaj9 -2 points3489 days ago

come to India,you will get better deal. Reply Report

asas   0 points4075 days ago

This is actually really sweet and loving Reply Report
Tina needstobsnuffed

Tina needstobsnuffed -4 points535 days ago

@asas i agree, He was very Masterful n loving with the skanky little blonde white girl n just COCKing her slutty little white cunt with His Huge beautiful Black Penis! GOD i want Him to take mee n hold me down n BLACK-FUCK mee till i whimper n cry n He Brutally Dominated mee n SPERMED DEEEEP inside my womb n i dream of THE BLACK MAN IMPREGNATING meee, i will carry n deliver His Black Son n nurse Him from my delicate white nipples n when He's 13 He will make me SOOO happy giving me HIS Black baby mmmm im such a ditzy blonde Becky hehe Reply Report

Takeitharf   0 points85 days ago

I'll bet she would be a great screamers if you had a fatter covk and layed it to her. Reply Report

Takeitharf   0 points85 days ago

I started leaving one but anyways a x was ur size a little shorter but thought like you. Reply Report

DirtyRed   0 points165 days ago

And she will always need a black dick to make her happy fr Reply Report
Kathy M

Kathy M -1 points79 days ago

Most black guys love us young white girls pussy to try and ruin it for any white guy. What they don't know is we are there with them for the same thing. Reply Report

sJkKbINaVW -1 points125 days ago <---- for non 0rdlnary sex --- 48867 Reply Report

Celine -2 points3914 days ago

once you go black you never go back Reply Report

bs -4 points3582 days ago

Ive had my share of black dick an most the time they are no bigger then 6inches an smell really fucking bad...don't ask I used to drink a lot an I'm a white girl with a small waist an a big ass...I got size b boobs wich arnt all that but my ass is nice soooo yeah when I get drunk they find me an idk what happens I just wake up like WTF AM I LOL an then I chew my arm off cuz they be fallin in love tryen to spoon my ass like no booboo lol Reply Report

Casandra +4 points3416 days ago

Your right Bs, I was a hooker for 20 years and every nigger a gave a blow job to stunk so bad you had to hold your nose. On the other hand white guys always smelled nice and clean and it was pleasure sucking their dicks. As far as size goes I agree with you most dicks black and white were around 6-inches hard. I had a tape measure on my key chain and I used to measure every dick I sucked just for fun. The biggest black dick I measured was a college basketball player who was 6 foot 10 and his dick was 9 1/4 -inches long. The biggest dick I ever measured was a 19 year old white boy who was a regular customer of mine, I used to call him "three hander" cause I could stack three hands on his dick and he would still have a few inches with the head sticking out. His dick measured 12-1/2-inches long !!!!!! Reply Report

+13 points3722 days ago

once you go black we don't want you back! Reply Report

Linda -10 points3489 days ago

Know why, the whites don't know how to fuck. Reply Report

Doreen -1 points3489 days ago

Its all for money. Reply Report
big white

big white -2 points2673 days ago

its not so big.
im white and mine is bigger
Reply Report

12InchHulk -3 points4084 days ago

Yeah this video basically said big cock and a screaming girl, I saw none of that Reply Report

american -3 points4056 days ago

she had no problem taking him. he is not that big and she fucks ponies for money. Reply Report

hairybim7 -3 points3986 days ago

That guy IS hot as fuck! He can breed my white ass any time! Reply Report
lovely lady

lovely lady -3 points3929 days ago

get out of here with all of that racism. this was a really nice video. as a female its hard to find porn that i like and this was great. and yes he is super hot! the girl is cute too :)
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Nikki +10 points3489 days ago

African gorilla. Reply Report

geg -3 points3395 days ago

if this counts as painful this bitch retire. boring and a waste of time. get rough ! Reply Report

hct -3 points1096 days ago

Would enjoy watching him with my daughter. Reply Report

Takeitharf   0 points85 days ago

@hct you could sell ticket for a cheer on croud. Throw wife in also. Reply Report

pauluzzz -4 points4571 days ago

that guy is way too big for that little girl Reply Report

MontanaMan +3 points386 days ago

This looks like your avatar! Reply Report

jannybh -12 points3621 days ago

No blck guy can ever be too big for any whte grl. Reply Report

aaa -4 points4071 days ago

bbc my ass, that's normal even for white standards, bitch needs to get fucked by Lexington Steele Reply Report

buttoman -4 points3390 days ago

They are both very hot and sexy. I want both of them... Reply Report

onelove -5 points3891 days ago

nice video but the boobs are 2 small, the black guy could not fell the boobs
Reply Report
sexy time

sexy time -5 points1891 days ago

Wheres the source for this video and what are their names?? Reply Report

Tybabydoll -5 points3520 days ago

All colors r beautiful, & I agree it's hard to find porn that women like too Reply Report

/ -6 points4075 days ago

08:45 Reply Report

somebody -6 points3806 days ago

Very nice! Perfect to be porn...
Totally real, like the camera isn't there! That seems that girl is having too much fun! Also the girl is very very hot..!
I could say that they are couple before or after that video...
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zdaddy -6 points3389 days ago

who is the guy? Reply Report
IQ or Cock

IQ or Cock -6 points2576 days ago

Well depends on what you like High IQ or Big Cock. I have this when i go to Asia I am huge to the petite ladies. Hmm but now the White ladies don't like that Reply Report
Nog killa...

Nog killa... -7 points4043 days ago empty headed nogs. No wonder you have so many bastards...all your brains are in your little head. The smart respectablewhite white chicks...dont bang monkeys. Reply Report

toad -7 points3974 days ago

hate the racism. Awesome vid. Love girls who spread the love . Black is beautiful. Reply Report

MontanaMan +3 points386 days ago

So you hated yourself? Reply Report

asapswaggpuppy -7 points3938 days ago

ill destroy that pussy and strech tht pussy
Reply Report

bbcrules -7 points2510 days ago

I love how eager she is to spread for the bbc at the beginning of the clip -- just can't wait to take it! Reply Report

NastyOldMan -7 points2426 days ago

That black stud is sexy as hell, but his cock is no bigger than mine. I'd say, about the same. Reply Report

hct -7 points1096 days ago

I have a really hot young daughter, would enjoy watching him with her. Reply Report

alloy -9 points3905 days ago

This guys here are clearly jealous... -_- Reply Report

mazzie -10 points3169 days ago

every white father should break his daughter with black cock. punish her hail SATAN Reply Report

angelique21 -10 points2472 days ago

I LOVE a Black Cock in me.....Wish I could take her place Reply Report

AIDS -32 points4577 days ago

And now she has HIV....NICE! Reply Report
Yeah right

Yeah right -34 points4262 days ago

To "white chick bbc lover" ... Yeah whatever black boy! Good try pretending you're a white girl and all! Hope your self confidence get's better with your white female fantasy and your little dick! And to "Mexican Bomber"...yeah, you're right! We don't believe it! You're just another black boy trying to talk black males up by lying and hope we all believe it! Again, good luck with the self confidence! You guys are pathetic! Reply Report