Girl Almost Paralized by Horse Sized Cock

Biggest cock ever just fucked this tiny girl.

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Rape Me

Rape Me +1 points3630 days ago

I want that huge cock inside my pussy Reply Report

sarahtakesall2 +1 points2641 days ago

Omg how?? X Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +1 points1373 days ago

I want it inside me mmm Reply Report

Hornyaf +1 points766 days ago

Im fucking my pussy with huge dildo now Reply Report

Chris -10 points304 days ago

@Hornyaf sna me... Lovecurvywoman Reply Report

robest +1 points705 days ago

thats cool ! even cooler he was balls deep in her pussy ! Reply Report

jessikahot   0 points3734 days ago

incredible big cock O_O Reply Report

GeorgiaXWhite   0 points438 days ago

Omg I want that messing up my insides in the morning !!mmm x Reply Report
Kathy W

Kathy W   0 points612 days ago

I have had some big cock but I would really like to try one like this one Reply Report
Kathy W

Kathy W   0 points557 days ago

@Kathy W I got one, my husband brought one in that is a thick as a coke 12 oz can Reply Report
Kathy W

Kathy W -1 points432 days ago

@Kathy W I have been with him enough now that it feels great and I can take it all to his balls. My husband said my pussy was muck deeper and bigger and never closes up. I guess I am built for big black cock now. Reply Report
Barbara W

Barbara W -2 points120 days ago

@Kathy W me to and it still feels great. My husband brings a few well hung black co workers home for me several times a week. He said my pussy stays open about the size of a silver dollar all the time. Reply Report
Betty s

Betty s -2 points120 days ago

@Barbara W mine a l so and husband said very very deep. He loves watching mine getting bigger all the time. Reply Report
Kathy M

Kathy M -2 points85 days ago

@Betty s we started when we got married at 19. Mine is gigantic now and never closes. We went on a S. African trip where a guide took us to a tribe who love white women. I got cock that was 15 to 18" and very y thick 6 and 7 times a day for six days. It was a great trip but could hardly walk for several weeks. Looking forward to next trip maybe fine some bigger ones. Reply Report
Barbara W

Barbara W -2 points85 days ago

@Kathy M my husband would love that. He is always trying to find one to long or big for me but not yet. Reply Report
Barbara W

Barbara W -2 points91 days ago

@Betty s mine to, he brings g I. Co W order several times a week for me to be used. Reply Report
Dave Zeider

Dave Zeider   0 points525 days ago

I want that jammed in my ass Reply Report
Dennis T

Dennis T -1 points3934 days ago


Swallows -1 points3623 days ago

I would love to try that cock Reply Report

freakygirl69 -1 points2273 days ago

hmmm he has some nice size to him Reply Report

Yasminha -1 points1592 days ago

Oh my god how big Reply Report

DarkClit3670 -1 points1511 days ago

Omg,,he is so big Reply Report

Chris -11 points304 days ago

@DarkClit3670 message me, snap lovecurvywoman Reply Report
Just Me

Just Me -1 points738 days ago

If anyone want to know the guy is Mandingo and his dick is real. Reply Report
Kathy M

Kathy M -1 points578 days ago

I have had some cock so big you could see it going in under my ribs. Reply Report
Barbara W

Barbara W +1 points196 days ago

@Kathy M I know what you are talking about. All the ones my husband brings home are that way but feel so good Reply Report
Jerry and Kathy

Jerry and Kathy -2 points85 days ago

@Barbara W my husband knew I had a rape fantasy so he set it up. When I got off work walking to my car, two black guys grabbed and blindfolded me. They took me to an old abandoned warehouse where six of the raped me for five hours. When they let me go, I was released and told to not move for half an hour. At that time I removed the blindfolded and was k eft with no clothing totally nude. While moving around at night a black young guy saw me and offered to help but only if I fucked him to. I did and got a ride home where I found a note saying present from your husband he set it up. Reply Report
here \\/

here \\/ -2 points2383 days ago

gen padova and mandingo ;) Reply Report
the dude

the dude -2 points73 days ago

It was behind her. Reply Report
nowt but troof

nowt but troof -2 points804 days ago

Obviously fake Reply Report

AlexaGry -2 points125 days ago

The new video is already on the channel! - SEXDAYS.ART Reply Report

Sallu -3 points2007 days ago

Send me Reply Report

Bastion -3 points2182 days ago

Reply Report

Unknownsic -3 points1603 days ago

Damnnnnn that thing is HUGE THE FUCK Reply Report

Aurora -4 points3055 days ago

Please fuck me
I'm a new milf and I need a huge cock to fuck my ass and pussy
I'm in Australia
Reply Report

DMT -1 points39 days ago

@Aurora where in Australia? Reply Report
butuza vlad

butuza vlad -11 points1363 days ago

i also want big cock in me Reply Report

LOVELONGTHICK -4 points1883 days ago

I am so jealous I want every last centimeter in my ass. Reply Report

Autofucker -4 points2722 days ago

Nice to see monsterfuck Reply Report

YellaHun -4 points1529 days ago

He can stretch me out.. Reply Report

Steve39 -4 points1853 days ago

Want it up in my ass hard Reply Report
Im 5 and horny

Im 5 and horny -4 points1243 days ago

Can i deep throat this Reply Report
Michelle nicole

Michelle nicole -4 points1141 days ago

I love cock Reply Report

lovetherapy -5 points1974 days ago

where is this boy??? Reply Report

dennis -5 points3898 days ago

would give or do anything for a black cock that size ramming up my ass Reply Report

zyman480 -5 points2389 days ago

my wife couldn't walk after her first bbc... looked like a heavy period and full of cum!! Reply Report
Jerry R

Jerry R -1 points362 days ago

@zyman480 mine was the same but had a hugh smile on her face Reply Report
Steve, Kathy

Steve, Kathy -1 points196 days ago

@Jerry R I think most of them are that way and they all love it. Reply Report
Barbara W

Barbara W -2 points79 days ago

@Steve, Kathy I know I do as often as possible. I wear a QoS tattoo and can be claimed anytime and anywhere and it works well for us. Most of the time I am claimed for a three or foursome and hubby gets to watch or film. Reply Report
Steve, Kathy

Steve, Kathy -1 points26 days ago

@Barbara W have you been claimed lately. I got my QoS tat Monday and it is already working. I love it. Reply Report
Fuck me

Fuck me -5 points1592 days ago

I love this dick want it in my pussy Reply Report

x3po -5 points465 days ago

Fuckk Reply Report

sluthubby -6 points2096 days ago

I want you to fuck my wife and let me suck you. Reply Report

Slut48 -6 points1989 days ago

I want a dick like that in me Reply Report

Bigjake10 -2 points1869 days ago

@Slut48 I am not that guy but I would love to meet and give you a dick that big#really big massive cock Reply Report

Hornyaf -2 points766 days ago

@Bigjake10 love huge cock Reply Report

ninja -7 points3563 days ago

Would like to get my wife falling down drunk and watch a huge man lube up and shove a huge cock in her she never had over six thin inches Reply Report

1Siciliano -8 points956 days ago

@ninja And your one sick mother fucker and your wife needs to leave your sorry ass stupid Which she would after finding out you premeditated and allowed her to be rapped,but then she would see what she was missing! And to think she stayed with you micro dick! You should be grateful asshole ! Maybe she'll see this and before she leaves she'll call the cops on your dumbass and that's they'll do a sting operation" How to catch a creep" and have a cop as the porno stare Reply Report

Shigi8 -2 points1799 days ago

@ninja I can help you with that Reply Report
Lo La

Lo La -7 points2255 days ago

This is so obviously a prosthetic.. I'm disappointed.. :c Reply Report

lesbo -7 points2044 days ago

That's a big dick mother fucker. Reply Report

tapir64 -7 points1850 days ago

Fake dick, look closely. Reply Report

slutbabydaddy6963 -8 points455 days ago

Need to be fucked like this 3368478508 Reply Report

theother -9 points4632 days ago

whats the name of this girl or producers Reply Report

mr.what -9 points4626 days ago

is this taylor rain and mandingo ? i dont know Reply Report

lucky6546 -9 points2101 days ago

you can find it on pornhub Reply Report

Sparklex -9 points2006 days ago

Hello guys, can anyone send me on invitation to make an account on this site ? Thank you! Reply Report
Niggah H

Niggah H -11 points275 days ago

Bruh gotz a lil dick on hood he a custa Reply Report

Lz -11 points359 days ago

Ss Reply Report

abhimanyu -12 points2183 days ago

Fake cock pressed between and hidden by the thighs. Reply Report

Ddogg -12 points1190 days ago

I need this in my life Reply Report
Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh -13 points1606 days ago

If a woman needs a cock that HUGE? she might have to get married to a horse! Reply Report
Kathy W

Kathy W +4 points535 days ago

@Mike Walsh you cannot marry them but you sure can fuck them Reply Report
Kathy W.

Kathy W. +1 points653 days ago

@Mike Walsh house cock is great to get alsso Reply Report

Jim -14 points4073 days ago

It's kinda small.
Reply Report

832-540-4115 -11 points1707 days ago

@Jim size comparison ?? Reply Report

fake -14 points4024 days ago

Either fake or that bitch is going to the hospital Reply Report

Fuckupoese -14 points1217 days ago

You all Hungry AF in comments hahaha Reply Report

ingomat -15 points3127 days ago

Fake cock Reply Report
Silver Lining

Silver Lining +8 points3088 days ago

fake balls Reply Report

damn -16 points3688 days ago

Is she ok??? She can say NO right?? Reply Report

BDE Guy -9 points895 days ago

@damn No. Maybe she cant! Maybe shes just in too deep. Reply Report

Monkee -18 points966 days ago

its just a cock sleeve, you can see him try to keep it from sliding off when hes pulling out. Reply Report

Nathan -6 points829 days ago

@Monkee Awww are you intimidated by his BBC? I'm white and I'm not at all intimidated by it, but you seem to be. His dick is obviously real. I know that it seems fake because of your 3 incher. Toughen up Reply Report

Ac3 -19 points1777 days ago

I want some I can do this to but they have to be able to squirt creamy goodness and let them suck their toes I can do this to that person just leave number as reply Reply Report
Call me+917259416361

Call me+917259416361 -18 points1775 days ago

@Ac3 Reply Report

kockee69 -19 points806 days ago

hi Reply Report

Hahvsbsheh -21 points893 days ago

Bruh Reply Report
Scatty patty

Scatty patty -22 points1411 days ago

I'm a guy and I'd love that cock in me Reply Report

Frankiet320 -23 points2091 days ago

Oh Reply Report

Rahul -24 points3087 days ago

Ok I ent to see wt happen Reply Report

perensen -25 points3677 days ago

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1on1 -16 points2203 days ago

@ where is the complete video to this one? Reply Report

Wombat -12 points3665 days ago

Is that were I can find the full video of this? Reply Report

Adolf69 -25 points1062 days ago

I need a cup of tea. Reply Report
Taylor Gruszka

Taylor Gruszka -25 points1030 days ago

Shoulda mounted her dumper Reply Report

matt -26 points4033 days ago

horse u would get killed if u try with my wife i would cut your dick off and feed it to u you dirty cunt Reply Report

@Matt +5 points3740 days ago

I already fucked your wife! What's up Reply Report

It\'sprobablyfake -26 points1776 days ago

Hentai in real life? Reply Report

Juicygirl -28 points4025 days ago

Non-Member matt shut up, you sound like you have a bit of penis envy Reply Report
Sss sniper wolf

Sss sniper wolf -29 points1896 days ago

#rap me Reply Report

Ha -30 points3919 days ago

You guys are watching porn and your married?!? Lol someone needs some councelling Reply Report

lurin -31 points2644 days ago

kod dopfk Reply Report
Alone with my Algorithme

Alone with my Algorithme -31 points1687 days ago

Quelle perte de temps! Reply Report
nick name horse

nick name horse -32 points4056 days ago

have ruptured few woman in my life. One married women I sent to the ER with vaginal tear. She said she wanted it all and wanted it hard. her husband was not very happy. Reply Report

ninja -2 points3539 days ago

Come tear my wifes pussy open Reply Report

romanbellic -32 points3813 days ago

My dick is bigger Reply Report

ninja -14 points3563 days ago

Want to fuck my wife Reply Report